Traffic congestion at the university of Malaya (UM) is somehow predict able but Inevitable. This situation worsens especially during peak hours. Due to less-stringent security control, some of the non-UM staff or student attempt to take the roads inside IJM as an ‘short cut’ from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya and vice versa.

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This act can save their time from facing traffic Jam and the distance Is shortened. However, these oving motorized vehicles cause large amount of greenhouse gases being emitted and pollute the air. Many people in university Malaya unsatisfled with the congestion and air pollution problem in the campus. Existing policy in University Malaya that only allows the final year undergraduates. postgraduates. staffs and lecturers to bring car Is not effective enough to act as a way to relieve the congestion and GHG emissions problems in campus.

There are still a lot of students bring their own cars into campus without permission. The problems of congestion, accident damages and depletion of non renewable esources rise when there Is a rapid Increase In the transportation growth. Social impacts on aesthetic, human health and community livability are inevitable. Air pollution, climate change, noise and loss of habitat are major environmental impact caused by transport sector. As GHG emissions have been increasing for most modes of transport, establishment of policies are essential aiming to lower the emission from the sector.

A study which focuses on the transportation in IJM will be conducted to investigate the sorts of policies and technologies that are needed to achieve substantial emissions eductions from the transport sector. A well-planned study will be shown in this proposal. By collecting and analysing the data, some suggestions and recommendations will be provided upon this study

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