Examples Questionnaire on Thesis

1 January 2017

When was the serenity hills establish? 2. Who is/are the owner/s of the serenity hills? 3. Where does the name of this cemetery derive from? 4. Where is the exact location of the cemetery? 5. Do you have another branch? How many and where? 6. How much was the starting capital for this cemetery? 7. How many square meters does the serenity hills has? 8. How a certain graveyard may locate? Is it base on Street/block? If yes, how many and what are the names of street/block? What are the divisions of your cemetery? . Approximately how many graveyards may occupy from this private cemetery? 10. How many are the occupied graveyards? How about the vacant? 11. How fast does the population of your cemetery increases? 12. What happens to the graveyards which are not being visited for a long time? 13. When to remove the “labi”? 14. How is the contract (occupying/buying/renting) goes? 15. How does billing sytem goes? How about the reservation system? What are the common errors for the said sytems? 16. How much is the selling rates?

Do you have discounts? 17. What are the informations needed to buy a grave/lot? 18. Do you have different packages/fees? 19. How do I record the change in ownership for a grave or a buy back? 20. Why are multiple levels allowed in one grave? 21. Do you have Deeds? 22. How much is the exhumation fee? 23. Do you also have cremation? How much? 24. How do you maintain the information about all the burials? 25. What do you do with the ashes after cremation? 26. What are problems do you encounter during your manual operations? 7. Where do you keep the files of information of your customer? How do you keep it ? 28. How to apply for a cremation? What are the informations needed in the application form? 29. Is your cemetery open to all religions? Why or why not? 30. Who are the employees of the Serenity? What are their roles? 31. Do you have your company logo? What does it stands for? 32. Why do you prefer to build a cemetery in Antipolo instead of other places? 33. What are the rules and regulations of Serenity Hills? (visiting hours)

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