Execution Summary

6 June 2016

In Anna Quindlen essay “Execution” (One True Thing, 1994), Quindlen gives a few examples to why she is against death penalty. She believes that a death penalty for a human being as punishment for the killing of another is not what it seems. She feels that death penalties are false and the issue is it will never give people what they want. Quindlen highlights why “death penalty does not accomplish what it was designed for” by providing personal and emotional experiences and examples. Anna Quindlen a crime reporter became fascinated by murderer Ted Bundy case.

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When Ted case was finishing up, Quindlen at that moment questioned what death penalty really is. She is against the idea of death penalties because she believes that there is something wrong with it. When Quindlen uses her daughter for an example of being a murder victim, she states, if a young man murder her daughter she would with pleasure kill the young man herself. However that is not permitted to Quindlen and any person, even to the parents of Bundy’s victims. That’s when Quindlen states that is the major problem with an emotional response to capital punishment. She highlight that the one reason for death penalties is only to “exact retribution” and decrease crime rates.

Quindlen uses her experience with criminals and states they simply don’t care for death penalties. Therefore she doesn’t believe deterrence is what the victim’s family members seek from death penalties. What they really want from death penalties is for criminals- like Ted Bundy- to suffer as their victims did. However, like Quindlen states, in civilized society that will never happen. Ana Quindlen reason for auguring against death penalties is because what many people really want for criminal’s death penalties, they will never suffer the way they want them to.

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