Executive summary example

6 June 2017

Executive summary This company that will have several components 1. Commercial Real Estate Property 2. Incubator for Startup Companies 3. Advising and Training for Startup Companies including discounted legal and other services 4. Church that will provide moral support and counseling free of charge. The goal would be to achieve a 90% success rate for startup enterprises who would occupy the building. Today the Failure rate is closer to 90% due to lack of understanding for and use of funds that do not lead to sales. (Citation) The real state will be purchased by investors in the new company ( name to be determined).

Money used to purchase the new company will be held in a fund and regulated by the SEC under strict guidelines. The fund (held by Fundavision. com) will leverage the capital creating a loan to the new company for the purchase for the building. The New Company will provide support services for the Incubator and will hold the building as an asset.

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The investors will also hold convertible notes with the Real Estate as security. The new company will have the option after one year to purchase he notes back with interest or convert to preferred stock.

When the company can deliver dividends the inventors will have conversion rights to common stock on the first issuance. The fund holding investors principle will pay interest each year a the rate above what is leveraged. This is estimated to be 3% above leveraged capital. And 8% on unleveraged capital. Actual income and expense ( explained later in plan) will vary with marketing conditions. Investors will benefit by Receiving interest from the fund Dividends or payback with interest Securities held by New Company

The marketing plan is to pre channel the potential renters of the incubator via SCO marketing and remarketing Pay Per Click targeted by specific geographic to the building location ( detail of this needed in plan). The click leads and other calling lists will be direct marketed from a local marketing company who has been doing this work for 30 years successfully ( detail later in plan write to be provided) The building location has not been determined due to opportunities and the fast growing market for commercial in this Silicon Valley California area.

We are considering geographic areas from Santa Clara to Redwood City. Estimated cost of the building is 2M and renters will pay for open space usage priced at 350$ for 20 hours per week to $500 for full time. Small offices will rent from $1200 to $2000 per months and larger offices will be determined based on requirements. The building will provide Free High Speed Wi Fi, a kitchen facility, desks and seating, small conference rooms and a large meeting area for 100 people or more. The larger meeting area can also be used in off times for open space office usage.

The classes will be basic training for companies to reach profitability. Classes will include how to form a corporation with all necessities. How to register Intellectual prope How to use Tlnanclal systems, Duslness plans and operations. The culmination will be how to get investments and/or how to reach profitability. We are looking at the 80% market that is self funded and the 30% that will get Friends and Family funding. We estimate the companies will get between 50,000 to 200,000 and will need to get to a profitable product and sales before the initial seed runs out.

All companies with investors or self investors will have the opportunity to use the Fundavision fund which will provide insurance and pay out at financial milestones. For example the fund will allocate 30,000 the first month for startup expenses and 20,000 the following months based on goals reached and investor approvals. The Church will have a 24 hour presence in the building and will provide support anytime helping to provide spirit minded guidance. The church will use the open space on Sunday mornings – an off time for the renters.

And will have a rayer area in one of the meeting rooms at all times. In addition the church will have an desk and provide management of the facility with volunteers. The church will provide initial investment see capital for the new company and will share in the ownership of the building only with no income from the new company operations. The church will also provide a non profit aspect of helping causes such as other non profits and also have the open to buy back notes. The church would ideally like to own the building or use the equity in the building to purchase a building.

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