Hugo Boss facing the crisis l- Hugo Boss economic situation: Despite a slow of the growth in the luxury market due to the crisis, Hugo Boss manage to maintain the head out of the water and even make some noticeable profits (a growth of 17% and 2 billion dollars of profit last year). The secret of the brand to accelerate its growth and increase its profitability is on one hand the multiplication of the shop opening (50 per years in average) and in another hand the maintenance of irreproachable stores. All- The stores: Having a decent shop atmosphere is unavoidable; this is why Hugo Boss one’s are very elaborate.

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Very warm classy, simple and clean with a precise lying out without being cold. The shop is supposed to call all the senses of the consumer. A highlight on some strategic site of the shop with a specific lighting set. An obviously very caring staff for a well off segmented consumer because of the expensive luxury products the brand is offering. Ill- The communication of the Brand Hugo Boss uses events to promote their products. That is the case with the last 3 editions of the “Vend©e Globe” with the English skipper Alex Thomson. Using this event allow the brand to benefit a worldwide media presence during months.

Also, Hugo Boss uses endorser like Kenneth Palmtop and Ryan Reynolds, two famous Americans actors in the world. We can see them on TV ads, posters… But the main thing we can say about Hugo Boss, it their new strategy to face the crises. Since now 3 years they are using digital and brand content to communicate and increasing their sales. The goal is that when a person is clicking on a Hugo Boss video on Youth, then he can go on their social media (follow the group, be aware of the actuality of the group), then going on Hugo Boss Web TV, and of course going on the Corporate web site where they can buy products.

By giving advice, news, and so on, they want to give the impression that Hugo Boss

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is a luxury brand close to people. IV- Brand positioning : Hugo Boss Clothing Lines Hugo Boss has 4 different clothing lines and it’s a strategy of differentiation for facing there lines, and has the broadest product range Boss Orange: Originally styled with bohemian influences, this line was launched in 2010 as denim based casual wear.

Boss Selection: Higher priced clothing aimed at a more mature market, with emphasis on English tailoring styles. Boss Green: Golf-style active wear collection. Hugo Boss has its own factories: in Italy, Turkey, Poland, China for and in Ohio for the U. S. Market. A workshop is held in Germany for the creation of prototypes, samples and small series production.

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