1 January 2017

Professor Lynn Hovde English Composition 1301 11 August 2012 Many of today’s drivers have dangerous habits. Did you know that on average 93 people die everyday in the United States due to vehicular accidents. The United States in a Nation that is growing out of control these days and with all of those numbers we need more vehicles. Combined with the sheer number of vehicles on the road and with the fact that many of today’s drivers have developed dangerous habits, you are more likely to die in a car crash then in a plane crash.

Today’s drivers have developed bad habits because we as Americans have let it happen. We continue to develop more and more technology that enables us to be lazy or work on the go. One of the bad habits is cell phones. Americans feel like they are not connected to the world anymore unless they have their cell phone readily available.

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The development of new technology has allowed us to talk on the go, text on the go and even check our email.

Some Americans feel as though there is not enough time in the day so they tend to make up for it during their long drive to or from work. It’s a simple fact that taking the time to text someone while driving takes an average of 4. 1 seconds of your time. This averages out to 100 yards driving at 55 miles per hour. That’s a long way to not be paying attention. Americans have also learned that eating on the go is another great way to save time when in a crunch.

We have developed fast food restaurants which enable us to grab and go and ultimately eat in the vehicle while driving. While this may seem harmless it is still shifting your focus from the road to eating the burger or fry. You have to unwrap it and some people dip their fries in their ketchup. People tend to spill their food and when they do that they take all of their focus off of the road because they are now upset and need to clean it up before it stains or soaks in.

Applying makeup has become another bad habit developed mainly by females in the United States. These women are driving to work and they are running out of time so they put their visor down and start to apply their mascara or lipstick. I have even seen portable curling irons for the car that plugs into your cigarette outlet. This is another example of the citizens enabling this. When you apply make-up you are taking all of your attention off the road and now onto yourself. What happens when you hit a bump and your make-up smears?

You know take your attention and try to fix the mistake. It is clear that Americans have become dependant on technology, so much so that we have to continue to use them while driving. What is it going to take for United States Citizens to realize that it is not safe to take any of your attention away from driving. You may be able to get away with it most of the time but it only takes 1 sec of your attention diverted to miss that child running out in the street from in between two cars and you hit them.

We as Americans should learn to relax and take our time. A life is not worth that 5 minute business call or talking to your girlfriend about date night. Brian Koehn Professor Hovde English 1301 05 August 2012 I. Many of today’s drivers have dangerous habits. II. Cell Phones A. Texting while driving B. Talking while driving III. Eating A. Eating while driving B. Cleaning up after the mess IV. Applying make-up A. Applying Mascara B. Curling iron in hair V. Conclusion

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