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My first reaction was that he went a little bit too far with that statement, I think unattractive women and attractive women could have or not have an easier access to the mainstream of society as any men too. What are two of Lumbago’s main points? The first mall point Is the fact that women today have more power even though the illogical fact that male are the aggressors is true, but women have the power to make decisions when it comes to a “yes” or “no” response. With women having the power, this will confuse men about what is right and what kind of behavior Is acceptable when it comes to real rape and real harassment. When it comes to real rape and real harassment, people have their own interruptions of both.His sub claim Is approached by people who are characterized as normal; male-female conduct as sexual harassment then people not only identifies the relations between the sexes, UT Interprets true sexual harassment. The other point is that people who define modern Feminism by different perspectives on normal deportment that Is said to be harassment, near rape, abuse and disrespect.

The feminist support leaders are attempting to make the case that any expression of interest by a man in a woman is harassment.By the group attempting to go with the case will lead to many problems. The sub claim that is presented is that real rape is defined by Rush Lumbago as if approval is defined and the aggressive male pushes himself on the woman to the mint of penetration then It Is said to be rape. It is said that most men are not rapists, but militant feminists often try to get their point across with stating the differences. The proof with this claim is that some militant feminists apparently harbor such How does Lumbago support these points?Give specific examples here from the text. An example given is the concept of date rape, which the intent of rape which does not have different meanings, but it is to distinguish the serious types of rape within the category of rape behavior that is not rape. A proof described is the young star of “The Wonder Years,” Fred Savage who at the time was sixteen years old experienced a case with sexual harassment by a former staffer of the show, Unique Long, who claimed that Savage repeatedly asked her to have an affair with him and touched her by her holding her hand.

Another case involved was with Jason Harvey who was another actor who had harassed the same woman for two years on the show as a costume designer and at one instance touching her in a sexual way. These proofs show that sexual harassment can be interpreted into many ways. How would you answer Lumbago’s points if you were arguing for the opposition to each of the two points you have selected?That woman today doesn’t have a lot of power because we live in a planet where in other countries and religion, men are to be believed to be superior to women. Also for the second point women should claim any type of abuses, even if it is a minor incident, to alert me to step away and not to mess with women, even if these types of defenses mechanics could be called by men as feminism. Overall, did you find this essay convincing? Why or why not?I did not find he essay convincing because he needs to strength his argument, I would give more facts and examples to make the argument more interesting to where readers will fully get the interruption of it because it states the evidence, but there is no support to back it up only what he said about feminism earlier which does not give any in- depth information. Also include more information on the women since there was a lot mention about men behavior and what is right, therefore women will not be offended. I found this interesting, but if more information is included then it will really spark the argument.

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