Existential Therapy for Sexually Abused Children

4 April 2015
Theory & practice, humanistic techniques, patient-therapist relationship, interventions, role of family and effectiveness.

This paper examines existential therapy for victims of childhood sexual abuse. The paper begins with a brief report on the incidence and effects of childhood sexual as well as a short overview of the basic objectives and strategies of the existential theory of therapy. This is followed by a delineation and discussion of various interventions utilizing existential principals and theory as their conceptual foundation. The paper ends with a formulation of conclusions based on the reviewed literature.

Existential Therapy for Sexually Abused Children Essay Example

Existential Theory For Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Incidence and Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse
According to Allgeier and Allgeier (1992) between fourteen and twenty-one percent of Americans (mostly women) have suffered..

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