Expanding a one-store operation to a two-store operation

6 June 2017

Professors are human. They can be kind and supportive or bitter and vindictive, so grin and bear it or switch classes. Get to know what your professor wants. Studies show that getting to know your instructor improves your chances of success in college. 2. Understand them. It’s key toyour success, as it can lead to mentoring, which is valuable If you plan to do graduate work. Sitting near the front of class improves your chances of catching little hints and participating in lectures. 3. Don’t lie o your professor. Ever.

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Expanding a one-store operation to a two-store operation
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They will smell your lie before you open your mouth. They’ve heard it all before. If you need an extension for your term paper, approach them like a human being, with professional respect. 4. No sob stories. If you intend to ask for a deadline extension because life got in the way, be prepared to at least show the professor how much work you have already done. Showing willingness to learn may be sufficient to win that extension. 5. Don’t wait until the last the minute. Dont be the student who went to the teaching assistant five minutes before a paper was due to rofess they didn’t understand the assignment.

No one is going to give you an extension at that point. 6. Think like a professor. Most professors say it takes about two minutes of preparation for each minute of lecture. Participate in the learning process by previewing topics before a lecture. If you want to go a step beyond, understand what a lecturer has to consider when preparing exams, assignments, and term papers. 7. Understand them, part 2. It’s frustrating but true, some professors don’t care enough to have you do more than repeat after them.

Give them what they want, but learn on your own if necessary. 8. Your professor has a job and a life. Do approach them for help, but do it during their designated office hours. Lecturers have a memory for students who don’t display respect, and It can affect your mark in the long run. 9. Dont know thy professor. Don’t get romantically involved. Not heeding this results in expulsion in most colleges. There’s obviously little worse for your grades. Ditto for your course advisor. Walt until the semester Is over, or after you graduate.

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