Expanding Chilean Wine Markets

4 April 2015
A study of the growing wine industry in Chile.

This paper examines the quest of Vina San Pedro, a Chilean Winery, to improve its product and international sales. The author describes the changes made in order to recover their reputation as a fine wine producer, including a massive European marketing campaign, reduction of sale of wine in bulk and the replanting of the vineyards.
Table of Contents

I. History of the Situation
II. The Current Market Situation
III. Recommendations for Expanding the Market
IV. Works Cited
V. Appendix I
VI. Appendix II

“In 1993 Vina San Pedro (VSP) was the third largest winery in Chile, with annual exports of 1 million + cases. The company had experienced some organizational difficulties and engaged Professional Business Consultants, Inc. (PBC) to assist VSP. To remedy the situation we researched and hired an international winemaking team to improve wine quality.”

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