Expect More Pay Less

6 June 2017

They offer high quality, excellent value and fun place to shop by saving money. This means quality items are sold at lower prices and that attracts lot of customers. It has one of the most popular retail websites on Internet today. New products are tested on website first. And also they have added “find It” option which helps the customers to know If the particular Item which they are looking for is available or not. Stores are designed to offer an easy to shop environment. That is inviting, clean and bright.

They are constantly reinventing their rand, designs and partnerships to offer new products more frequently. Their products are sold faster mainly because of their partnership with world renowned designers. They have used modern advertising tools for the purpose of promoting their products. Targets designer line Is one unique part of Its entire Integrated marketing communications mix. Compared to target’ competitors, they bring new trends or products to their shelves way faster. The consumers are In a posltlon to give their feedback regarding Target Vla social media. What should it do going forward?

Global Expansion: Expanding into global markets could be very beneficial. Considering the populations of China and India, they could get even more customers. Target could probably have online shopping where in the customer would be able to select the product on their website and give order for the same. COD payment mode could also be included. Entering untapped US Markets: There are 3 states that have no target presence. They could take steps to place retail stores in Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont. This could be beneficial to them. Market segment to be chosen for an older age group also rather than concentrating over the young generation.

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