6 June 2017

Expectations Expectations According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a record of 21. 8 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities in the fall of 2013, constituting an increase of about 6. 5 million since the fall of 2000. An average of 87. 4% of those students are also expected to graduate within six years of their enrollment year. And of course, one can only assume that the students have their own expectations from college as well. Students expect to attain a good education, obtain a degree, and of course, acquire a career.

The National Center for Education Statistics isn’t the only one expecting success. While attending college, students have many expectations. But first of all, students expect to attain a good education that will help them fulfill their goals as a student. A good education requires valuable skills and experiences that will help students fulfill their career in the future. Helpful resources such as Student Success courses offered by the college also help a student’s education. Resources like student Success courses help students manage stress, classes and even test anxiety.

Expectations Essay Example

Even though a ood education is expected by most students, a vast majority of students expect to obtain a degree. Obtaining a degree one of a student’s biggest goals. Not only does a degree qualify a student for a Job but it also gives a sense of achievement and completion to themselves and their future employers. Since most employers require some type of degree from their employees, it is important that students obtain a degree in order obtain a good Job. By obtaining a degree, a student also acquires a career that will allow a student to work in their desired field of study.

The main reason for attending college is to acquire a career. Acquiring a career is also the most important expectation a student has when attending college. While some students believe that acquiring a career only mean obtaining a Job, most believe that it is achieving success and independence. By acquiring a career, a student can begin to work in their desired field of study. The National Center for Education Statistics has quite a few expectations from college students this year. But if students spend a vast amount of time studying to obtain a degree and a career, a student can only expect the best out of their college education.

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