Experience and Education

4 April 2015
An analysis of the book “Experience and Education” by John Dewey. The paper argues that that education should be based on the child’s psychological and physical development, as well as the world outside the schoolroom.

The book Experience and Education developed and nourished ideas that shaped the basis for many of present day’s common education practices, such as the performance-based assessment, cooperative and inquiry-based learning, play-oriented preschools, and hands-on science. This paper gives a brief biography of the author, summarizes the ideas presented in the book and discusses the strengths, weaknesses and drawbacks of these ideas.
“Published in 1938, the novel “Experience and Education” is perhaps his most brief, clear response to the problems as being perceived by him in both traditional forms of pedagogy as well as in the fundamental reactions to those conservative forms. According to him in the book, these traditional practices have mostly served to reproduce an existing unjust social order.

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