Experience Hendrix – The Best of Jimi Hendrix

9 September 2019

“Experience Hendrix – The Best of Jimi Hendrix”is by far the best collection of music I have ever listened to. It includes allof Hendrix’s greatest performances, including “Purple Haze” fromWoodstock and his famous “Star Spangled Banner” from the Monterey PopFestival of 1979.

Hendrix combined blues, funk, disco, jazz and rock fora sound that was way ahead of its time. What is more incredible than the uniquesound effects he created with his guitar is the fact that he created them withoutthe aid of pedals or electrical equipment.

Experience Hendrix – The Best of Jimi Hendrix Essay Example

With Mitch Mitchell on drumsand Noel Redding shaking the floor with an intense electric bass guitar, the JimiHendrix Experience was not to be missed in its prime. This album shows just that,with hits from the late ?s to Hendrix’s last performance.

My favoritesong on the album is “All Along the Watchtower,” Hendrix’s rendition ofa Bob Dylan song. In a 1967 interview Hendrix said, “I felt like aAll Alongthe Watchtower’ was something I had written, but could never get quitetogether.” He did, however, manage to arrange the piece in a way Bob Dylancould never have dreamed of, with a faster electric beat and a minute-long guitarsolo. Every song on the album is excellent, but this song stands out.

Onereason I like this album so much is because Hendrix experiments with all kinds ofguitar styles. For example, “Night Bird Flying” and “DollyDagger” are upbeat songs in the disco/funk style, and are perfect forparties. Others, like “Hey Joe,” “The Wind Cries Mary,””Castles Made of Sand” and “Angel” are very calm. And thenthere are the classics that Hendrix will always be remembered for.

Fromfirst-timers to hardcore fans, listeners will find this album the true essence ofJimi Hendrix, and a great introduction to his music. If you’re tired of listeningto the same old rock and rap, ask yourself, “Have I experiencedHendrix?”

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