Experience Is the Best Teacher

12 December 2016

Then he gives up the wrong path and adopts a right one. Sometimes the youth ignore the lesson of the experience of their forefathers. They think that they are treading the light path. When they experience the same experience as has been experienced by their ancestors they understand the value of experience. The proverbs are the outcome of vast experience. All is not gold that glitters. Waste not, want not; cut your coat accordingly to your cloth have great lessons for us. These are gain experiences that have resulted in the formation of these proverbs.

Moreover they are universal in their character. The old people suffered a lot and then drew conclusions from their bitter experiences. They passed on these lessons to their coming generations. Much cost must have been paid by them in undergoing there experience. At times people lost their lives to experiment the results of a few natural herbs. All the inventions discoveries are the result of experiments of scientist, discovers and inventors. An artist experiments and then he is able to produce a master piece. While doing experiments we meet unpleasant results, failures.

We still continue experiments because the failures are a stepped stone to our success. It is only by experience that we learn not to repeat our mistakes. Lessons taught by experience are not always harsh. It depends on us in what way we accept the lesson taught by experience. ‘Honesty pays in the long run’ is a true maximum, but a present one who starts following this maximum may experience difficulty in believing its appropriateness in the beginning. It is only experience and repeated experience that convinces the person about the truth of the saying. Lives of great men remind us that we can also make our lives sublime.

Again this is possible only if we follow in the foot-steps treated by them. This implies learning lesson from the experiences of these great personalities. History is full of examples that heroes patriots, were produce by experience undergone by them during their life-time. Incidents, accidents and co-incidents all come under the head experiences. Experiences vary from time to time, person-to-person and period-to-period. Experiences of childhood are often sweet, of love, fondling and affection showered by parents and others. One may experiences scolding, scoffing and harsh worlds in the teen age.

The experience of youth are romantic and thrilling. In old age the experience are often sad due to hazards of health, money and generation gap. Whatever the age or stage, experiences are there. Some of these are pleasant, while others may be unpleasant. In the same way different professions have different experiences to teach us lessons . We learn from the personal experience as-well-as from the experience of others. To conclude we may say that experience is a great teacher and our present life, its betterment depends upon our past experiences or on the experiences of our forefather

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