Explain the factors that would lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse

8 August 2016

Explain the factors that would lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse. The different types of maltreatment is sexual abuse, Sexual abuse refers to any action that pressures or forces someone to do something sexually they don’t want to do. Sexual abuse can be when you’re being touched in a way that you may not like, or being forced to have sex, another type of sexual abuse is when somebody is forced to look at sexual pictures or videos.

Sexual abuse can also include someone flashing or exposing themselves to you; this can be via webcam, pictures or in person You’re made to do something sexual to someone that feels uncomfortable or wrong; again, this can on online such as Facebook, online chat rooms etc… Another type of maltreatment is Neglect, this is where Neglect is the failure to provide necessary care, assistance, guidance or attention. There are two different types of neglect, Active neglect and Passive neglect. Purposely causing physical, mental, or emotional injury to someone.

Explain the factors that would lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse Essay Example

Passive neglect is not providing basic needs of life such as such as food, water, medications, medical treatment, , and equipment aids, and rights because of lack of experience, information, or ability. One other type of maltreatment is Physical abuse, physical abuse is any intentional and unwanted contact with you. Physical abuse can contain hitting, punching, burning, slapping, grabbing your face to make you look at them and grabbing you to prevent you from leaving or to force you to go somewhere.

Lastly, there is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse the second most common reason for a child to be put on the child protection register or made subject to a child protection plan. Signs of emotional abuse can include: Yelling or swearing, insulting, threats and intimidation, unreasonably ordering an individual around, repeatedly raising the issue of death and humiliating. All of these maltreatments does not only happen from your parents but children can also be high at risk from different people.

Risks of maltreatment can be caused from a lot of different type of people from strangers, to foster parents, parents, family members and even health and social car workers. For example, sexual abuse is not always committed by adult males but women can also commit acts of abuse, as can other children. This doesn’t happen just within the family but can also happen with strangers or even institution workers. It is said that Children are still not safe from sexual abuse in institutions such as schools, churches and care homes, the National Crime Agency has warned.

An example of this, is that are many Teachers at 62 independent schools convicted of sex crimes over 20 years. The risks of maltreatment can happen within their family members, an example of this was the murder of Victoria Climbie who was murdered by her guardians which was her great-auntie Marie-Therese Kouao and her boyfriend Carl Manning. Victoria Climbie was burnt with cigarettes, tied up for periods up to longer than 24 hours, hit with bike chains, hammers and wires.

Indicators of maltreatment may not always mean that they have been abused, and could mean there are other explanations. There are usually different indications of different types of abuse. Indicators for sexual abuse may be avoidance, a young child may understand sexual behaviour to much beyond their age, or a pain or infection in the genital area. The possible indicators for emotional abuse can be Physical and Behavioural indicators. Some physical indicators can be bedwetting or diarrhoea or frequent complaints from headaches, nausea and abdominal pains.

Some behavioural indicators are lack of confidence, complains of social isolation, forbidden contact with other children, complains of social isolation and forbidden contact with other children, development delay in terms of emotional progress, sudden speech disorders. The physical signs of neglect may include the child being constantly hungry, constantly dirty and smelly, loss of weight and inappropriate clothing for the conditions. Some changes in behaviour which can also indicate neglect may include the child complaining of being tired all the time, not requesting medical assistance or mentioning being left alone or unsupervised.

The indicators of physical abuse can include unexplained bruising, marks or injuries on any part of the body, multiple bruises, broken bones or even multiple burn marks. There can also be a change in behaviour while a child is being physically abused, such as; fear of parents being approached for an explanation, aggressive behaviour, flinching when approached or touched, depression, withdrawn behaviour or even running away from home. The consequences of maltreatment can lead to psychological problems and physical problems.

When a child has been abused this can make the child angry. Self-esteem is usually caused when someone is emotionally abused as the person may talk down to the child and make the child feel useless. When somebody is sexually abused, the consequence may be an STI or even unwanted pregnancy. Other consequences that can happen due to abuse is, diseases, stress, and illnesses. These can be due to Neglect, if the child is not looked after properly then the child could end up ill, this can also happen due to neglect if the home environment is not healthy.

Some wider factors suggesting a risk of maltreatment could be the use of drugs around the child, which could lead to neglect and abuse. Another indicator of maltreatment could be family dysfunction, this could be anything from family arguments, parents or carers being absent a lot of the time, which could cause the child to not get the care that is needed. If the child does not get the care that is needed then this could cause the child to not develop as well or cause health problems.

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