Explain the need for and the role of discipline in the uniformed public services

6 June 2016

The role of discipline in the Public Services is shown well through Team Spirit. If one person in a team, squadron or troop is particularly negative through a task or operation, then it gets everybody else’s enthusiasm down and can affect the successfulness of the assignment. Also, being a negative input to discussions and jobs, can then also lead to a lot of resentfulness and dislike being opposed on that particular person. In training for the public services, they are taught to be positive and cooperative when working as a group. Therefore there is more chance of the group succeeding due to team work and supporting each other. Discipline in the public services enforces a sense of Duty and Honour when going out for parades, on tour or even just around the cities and towns.

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Explain the need for and the role of discipline in the uniformed public services
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When Police Officers wear their smart uniform and patrol the street, they have a sense of duty and authority over all the members of public. Due to the smartness and high standards, the public automatically respect then and are aware of how they should behave around them. By wearing the uniform especially in the military they wear it to honour the queen. They wear her majesty’s uniform to show that they respect her and therefore the public respect them. The public services use discipline to serve the public and also to manage themselves.

By keeping themselves organised and making sure when they are supposed to be somewhere dressed appropriately, they are there promptly and smart, they serve the public in the correct manner. They must follow their rules to be courteous and polite and yet they must follow other rules about what the correct way is, of doing everything. NEED

The need for discipline in the Public Services is vital. Discipline enforces orders and authority within the service. By having authority and rules, hierarchy, rewards and punishments; a disciplined and effective structure of work is completed. Orders from Ranked personnel are normally given out to maintain respect, discipline and standards and also to get things done. Discipline is needed in the Police force when arresting a member of the public for a wrong doing.

There needs to be a right and wrong of which everyone understands and calibrates with so that everybody has equal rights. A good example of where a Police officer has not followed discipline is with PC Harwood when he pushed Mr Ian Tomlinson over who later died with internal bleeding. As with rewards and promotions with discipline, punishments are also fulfilled. In this case, after many court hearings, he was sacked from his job within the public services.

Without this discipline of wrong doing, PC Harwood would have been let off, allowing him to make the same mistake a second time of which could then have also ended in a fatality. Within the Fire services discipline is needed to control the procedures in an accident, such as a thatched roof fire. These are incredibly dangerous and are not only fatal but can spread very easily. Discipline is most definitely needed in these situations to organize which people go where and who will arrange other emergency services to dead with casualties and or road diversions.

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