In any context the principles of relationship building with children, young adults and adults are the same. It is very important I build I a relationship with them so they feel comfortable in my company. This relationship overtime will allow them to trust me and encourage effective communication. Whilst building this relationship it is important to remember things that are significant to them as individuals on a personal level, their family life or a hobby they enjoy. This will show them that I have taken time to listen to them. Some factors I do without thinking about whilst others require a little more effort on my part.

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Effective communication happens in many different ways and is a key factor to developing relationships with children and adults. To build a positive relationship I must show respect, I should actively listen to people’s opinions. I also need to show consideration and take time to understand that issues outside school are occurring in their life, this could affect their behavior or that they are acting out of character. When I am giving information to others I need to ensure that I am clear on key points. This is very important with children who struggle to maintain information and attention.

By maintaining a sense of humor where possible can encourage an individual to relax and alleviate stress, especially if they are having a difficult home life or experiencing a challenging period of their life. If they are experiencing a difficult time it is important to be considerate. I must also remember that different backgrounds and cultures will have different views and perspectives on issues, values and beliefs. I need to be respectful of these at all times. Communication can breakdown in many ways, avoiding someone can lead to distrust, which in turn ruins the relationship that has needed so much work to build.

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