Department of Business & Computing Programme Title |BTEC HND/HNC in Computing & Systems Development | |Unit Title |Computer Systems |Unit Number |2 / PART 1 | |Candidate’s Name: | | |Assessor’s Name: |Esam Harb |Verifier’s Name: |Mr R Jamei | |Date of IV of Brief: | |Signature of IV: | | |Issue Date: |28. 12. 2012 |Due Date: |27. 03. 2013 | |Plagiarism: | |Where there is evidence of plagiarism the assignment will be rejected and the candidate will not have an opportunity to re-submit the work. This will, | |inevitably, jeopardise your chances of completing the unit. | |Deadlines: | |Work that is not handed in on time will be subject to College policy on late submission of work and may not be graded or marked.

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This could result in you| |failing the course unless there are exceptional circumstances which must be explained to your tutor and agreed by the Curriculum Manager. | |Referral of Assignments: | |Questions marked “Pxx” need to be completed successfully to achieve a Pass grade. Only then can you achieve a Merit grade by completing the question(s) | |marked “Mxx”, and a Distinction by completing the question(s) marked “Dxx” in addition to the Merit questions(s). Where this identification of possible | |higher grades does not exist the general higher grades descriptors, which follow, will apply. |Work not meeting the minimum requirement for pass grade will be referred back to the learner who will have TWO weeks to rectify any shortcoming. | |All decisions or grades are subject to internal and/ or external verification and may be modified. If you feel that an assessment decision is | |unjustified, you are entitled to appeal. | |For further details on any of the above please refer to your Course Handbook

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