Explain Why the Treaty of Versailles Was so Unpopular in Germany?

12 December 2016

Why The Treaty of Versailles was so Unpopular in Germany? There are many reasons why the Germans were aggravated by the treaty of Versailles. One of which was that they had to pay reparations to the countries of the Triple Entente for the damage to men and resources. The reason that this annoyed the people of Germany was that their country was already struggling with debt meaning that the country had to tighten its belt another notch. This affected people as the country could not spend money promoting itself and building on its now harboured empire.

Moving forward to territory issues all of Germany’s colonies had been stripped from its empire and the land around its own country was given away to any country who wanted it. This ruffled German feathers as it made them feel vulnerable as it just had to take what it was given or rather taken away. Another reason this will effect Germany is that colonies bring financial support by brining over produce that cannot be produced in Germany but you can also sell goods from Germany in those colonies.

The German armed forces was isolated as well when it was cut down significantly to only 100,000 men and no tanks were allowed. The Naval fleet was reduced down to just 6 capital ships and no submarines at all. Finally the Air force was made forbidden. This was really embarrassing for Germany as before the war its army was one of the strongest in the world. I feel that the reason that the treaty was so harsh is that France wanted revenge and Britain and the US did not want to tarnish its trade reputation with each other so they just let France achieve what they wanted the big word.

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