Our author Chris Hedges, the award winner of Pulitzer Prize in 2002 and Amnesty International global award in 2002 for Explanatory Reporting for Coverage of global terrorism and Human Rights Journalism respectively articulates his experience in war fields, which makes him understand the real scenario of war field which includes traces of blood and pieces of bodies all over.

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His narration about the war by Sarajevo in 1995 in Dante, with the Serb gunners pouring bullets from all directions, blasts, tanks and rockets shattering the region into pieces with no shelter or hardly any lives to survive.

The survivors suffered major and minor injuries with no or just one cup of soup a day with no proper shelter and arrangements to provide them appropriate treatment and medication.

The United Nations took significant effort to help the poor civilians who were victimized due to war, providing them with clean drinking water. Mothers of innocent babies were left to undergo excruciating pain giving dilemma of whether to leave the baby in the building which would collapse down anytime after she leaves the place or to carry the baby with her.

The thrown out bits of iron pieces from the explosion which cut through the skins here and there and everywhere on few with blood flowing down all over the body and few dead and few alive on the grounds with no one to take care. His adventurous expedition to wars did not stop with this as he continued to experience the sensation of  war in Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Sudan, Yemen and many other countries.

He firmly believes that there exists a hidden agenda and immense pleasure when it comes to declaring a war and winning over a country, owned or unowned, grabbed or retrieved and that excitement is the impetus for any warrior and war respondents to throw war against a country. Sometimes, it is war which gives the meaning for a  life on earth, according to the warriors. It is the ethics that a warrior alone can understand even though it costs an intolerablemass of lives and properties.

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The author seems to have been in the midst of the conflict which paved way for a war and it is shown when he quotes war as an “exciting elixir”. Most of the times, the hidden agenda to declare a war or destroy acountry is kept mystic and unfolded though the war declarers come up with a valid reason, trying to hide the veritable intention to perpetrate it.

He expresses his opinion about the President George W. Bush’s declaration of war. President Bush: To defend freedom and all that is good and just in the world. How can war be defined just and this is always something puzzling and bewildering though you attach a dozen of reasons to convince  others, the fact is you are never convinced with your reason unless there lies an undercurrent issue.

The convincing reasons that he gave the rest of the world are the search of chemical weapons, in search of Osama Bin Laden but for him the most convincing reason was to wage a war to just show the world the strength of U.S. And the power of his rule and the most important objective is retribution for the lives cost in September 11, 2001.

He failed to understand the fact that Afghanistan and the Gulf countries are just like U.S. Victimized by the Islamic extremists who started as a group of Islamic fundamentalists. Now Afghanistan and other related countries against which war was posed are victims just like the rest of the world. They were slaved, attacked by these fundamentalists and now the pathetic situation is it is cornered by U.S. Too.

The real spirit of war was realized when the sensation of war was seen in the author, when he had to beat a KLM counter in an airport, as he had an option of death if caught with the death squads and the left out option was to bang the counter as he did not allow him to join the officials who bewilderedly locked  themselves in  a room and never allowed anyone inside the room with the fear of getting caught and shot to death. He was in return pierced by the opponent with a pen and he had no time to wipe off blood on either of the faces.

He describes the poignant situation of a pretty young woman Ljiljana who lost her father, possession, beauty, everything and was left helpless in the war field. The woman cried with pain in her heart yelling her thought to marry a calm man who had never heard of war and wanted to raise her children with no one of them getting to know how a war could be? The pain is well expressed when she and her friends lament that they have seen the fullest of their lives never intending too undergo a similar pain rest of the life. The author helped her in all possible ways and was in touch for a while.

War is so accepted in most parts of the world that killing is termed as organized killing when perpetrated by professional army. It is a clear evident that killing is accepted and hence the term organized killing. In countries such as Serbia and Bosnia, gangsters and prisoners were assigned the task of fighting in the war, the assumed war heroes killed the opponents during war and off line war perpetrated killing, raping and illegal activities on their own people thus ruining the ethics of war. War is also carried out in the name of patriotism to preserve the unity of citizen in a country.

This could be one of the hidden agenda  – a political tactic to maintain unity within the country by waging war outside the country to own, grab or retrieve the property, region and people.  He also explains that the war could be a result of the social constraint sometimes.

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