Explication on Langston Hughes’ I, Too

4 April 2015
A look at the poem by Langston Hughes called I, Too.

This is an explication on Langston Hughes’ `I, Too` which breaks the poem down and analyzes its main points, structure, word choice, and universal themes. It discusses its view of racism and survival on a personal level but also gives messages for the rest of humanity who are suffering the same.
`Langston Hughes gives us an inspirational reviving poem in `I, too`. He shows us the positive view of an African American when he encounters racism in what appears to be his own family. In this concise poem we see a confident man knowing that he will become better to prove to others his power and beauty. Although the poem is obviously a poem on African American discrimination, it can also be used as an encouraging poem. It also leaves the reader wondering who the speaker is.`

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