Exploration Proposal

10 October 2016

I hope to focus on digital photography using a digital SLR camera. I also hope to use an analog film camera, so that I can further my understanding of how to use a film camera and further enhance my skills in the darkroom. The inspiration for my photographs comes mainly from the internet, I like browsing around viewing many creative and truly unique images, related and unrelated to my focus as they inspire me to capture or create something just simply amazing. I have been inspired by many remarkable images of city and urban photography, a majority of which from this this page http://www. esignyourway. net/blog/inspiration/52-great-examples-of-urban-photography/. An example of one of the images that has greatly inspired me, with urban photography, would have to be this image by Wojciech Dziadosz. The colour has been removed from most of the image to create a sense of loneliness within the crowd, but leaving colour to certain objects to create an even more exquisite image. The colour has been removed from most of the image to create a sense of loneliness within the crowd, but leaving colour to certain objects to create an even more exquisite image.

One particular photographer that has inspired me is Martin Starvars (http://www. martinstavars. com/) a landscape photographer; his main focus is on monochromatic cityscapes. His collection of artwork taken from cities around the world is truly stunning and breathtaking, and greatly inspires me. These two photos from his own portfolio are just two wonderful examples of his work and skill, one from his collection of nightscapes taken in Shanghai (image at left) and the other taken in London during daylight (image at right).

The two design elements I will be focusing on this year will be colour and shape, and the principles I will focus on will be contrast and emphasis. I will use these elements and principles to accentuate the aesthetic qualities of a subject, say for example a building; for colour I may do this by changing the hue of the image for example or modify the saturation of image with use of Photoshop, for shape I will use my two design principles, contrast and emphasis, by defining the shape of the building with front or back lighting this will also leads to contrast.

Contrast can be led back to colour; complementary colours for example, are great in the use of creating contrast and emphasis in the image, especially when one colour dominates the other. But, with my black & white images I will obviously not be focusing on colour. I will focus however even more so with contrast, using it greatly to emphasise the shape of a structure. My work will focus on black & white photography, as I feel as though it is more thought-provoking and capable of expressing more emotion. But, I also hope feature in my portfolio a great range of colour and selective colouring photography to showcase at the end of the year.

A majority of my photographs will be taken with the use of natural lighting, as my focus environment is typically outdoors. I will have a huge focus on depth of field as a majority of my images will be landscapes. After I take my images, I will use Photoshop CS6 to alter and/or enhance certain aspects of the photographs until I am pleased that I have adequately met my intended aim for each of those images, for example I may enhance an images’ contrast by changing its lighting levels or another example for selective colouring I will remove the colour from certain parts of an image and leave them black and white.

Photoshop will become a highly valued utensil this year, as I will use it create more intriguing images and as well as a tool to enhance the clarity of my images. I hope to explore areas in the Melbourne so that I may capture images of natural & city landscapes, as well as urban & suburban art and life in Melbourne. I also hope to explore the city and suburbs in Melbourne’s south-eastern areas and as well as explore beaches around some of Melbourne’s coastal suburbs. I am confident Melbourne has enough potential on its own create stunning and worthwhile images.

With my presentation I will have a series of large scaled Cityscapes, and another based on a collage. My other images of Melbourne, not including the cityscapes, I will present in a collage filled with images of Melbourne which will include the lifestyle and culture within Melbourne. This year what I basically plan to do is photograph a diverse range of images of Melbourne from different locations, expressing and showcasing Melbourne as a place with immense emotions and personality.

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