Expository Essay

12 December 2016

People all over the world enjoy four seasons of the calendar. bi: Everybody has a season that they enjoy some people like winter because they like winter sports. Others love blooming flowers of spring, summer sunshine brings smiles to children. Fall reminds us that we were in school ay one point in our life. Th: The season that I like the most is because ____ and . Tr: First the season I like the most is summer.

My first reason is theirs no school, if theirs no school no homework, projects test, quiz and I don’t need to wake up early but I need to do my house chores. My second reason is I can travel where ever I want so I can hangout with my family and I can see more other places, see more beautiful things and see more other people. Sometimes I miss school cause sometimes at home theirs nothing I can do just eat, watch, sleep, and my house chores and I miss my friends too cause most of the time at school we make happy moments.

Summer is fun when you are with your friends and family and theirs so many activities outside like basketball, soccer and skateboarding and many more outside activities. My last summer vacation is great because me and my classmate went to the mall we eat at the restaurant, we watch movie, we buy a remembrance for each other and we have fun and enjoy. Summer is not just for no school, travel and nothing to do it is also a season for rest, to relax, have a vacation and to enjoy and have fun to have more energy for the next school year.

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