Extreme Working Conditions in Turbulent Times

9 September 2016

Many causes of crisis have been studied from different levels of environments from macro to micro and their effects on top management to low level employees. Internal and external factors cause crisis to occur in organizations and HR managers are required to sustain such situations in order not to fall into a snowball effect of extreme working conditions which may further impair the company on their strategic success (Box, 2011). HR professionals play an even more critical value-added role in turbulent times in terms of resilience to transform the organization into having a competitive advantage (Ramlall, 2009).

In this study, questionnaires have been passed amongst managers and employees of organizations in Greece. Greece’s current crisis is sufficient to undertake such an analysis in developing results to which display their current working conditions in time of crisis as well as the managerial roles that have taken affect due to this current economic downfall. A literature review will discuss and analyze the causes of how organizations worldwide transform from ‘normal’ to ‘extreme’ working environments with the identification of internal and external pressures.

Extreme Working Conditions in Turbulent Times Essay Example

Also, it will describe the resilience ofmanagers and or employees within organizations and how HR Professionals have or have not succeeded their resistance? Furthermore, how managers and or employees have come to embrace such extreme working environments on their behalf? And why? Next, with the use of qualitative data collected from the questionnaires, a descriptive data analysis will show what managers (as leaders) and how employees have handled the current crisis issues in context of ‘extreme work’ in Greece.

Finally, we will conclude with what measures both managers and employees must take to prepare for such crisis events and how different environmental work mechanisms might help organizations survive during an actual time of crisis. Literature Review Working conditions during turbulent times in contemporary society are becoming a ‘norm’. Employees are taking on more work during times of pressure that can very well affect their psychological and emotional well-being (Ramlall, 2009).

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