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10 October 2017

Ezra Pound Essay, Research Paper

Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot on Modernism

On Ezra Pound? s quotation mark on modernism, he claims that? the modern age wants a literature that reflects an image of itself: ? accelerated? and mass produced ( ? a mold in plaster/Made with no loss of clip ) every bit good as superficial. ? This means that today? s society wants a literature that resembles itself, fast paced and shallow. Society want literature that is direct and straightforward merely because people find it excessively? clip devouring? to believe for themselves. They would instead fall back to the? work? already being done for them. Alternatively of sing the true beauty of literature and the humanistic disciplines, they would instead utilize? Cliffs? Notes ( ? the classics in paraphrasis? ) . ? As a consequence of assorted? clip rescuers, ? the people of the modern age are left without the feelings that merely reading the literature itself would supply. The people are hollow, dehumanized, and absolutely superficial. Society lacks creativeness and originality. The people are left numbed in the sea of ringers. They fail to give recognition or congratulations to those who do make bold to be different and alone. Alternatively, they are projecting out from society for being different. Ezra Pound states that, ? Introspection ( ? the vague reveries/of the inward regard? ) in this age is unthinkable. ? This means that the people are afraid to analyze their ain ideas and feeling because they are afraid of what they will see. T.S. Eliot? s works, ? Preliminaries, ? ? The Hollow Men, ? and? The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? substantiate Ezra Pound? s statement.

? Preliminaries, ? by T.S. Eliot, is a literary work picturing metropolis life. Although it was written some clip ago, it contains a cosmopolitan subject and is applicable even in today? s universe. Eliot expresses the lonely, isolationist environment of the metropolis. The people of the metropolis seem dull, drab, fatigued, and lifeless. The metropolis inhabitants repeat their day-to-day mechanical modus operandis ; there is no alteration or interruption in the rhythm. They come place tired and worn out from a twenty-four hours? s work, sleep, wake up, caput towards java stands for a jar of energy, and off they are to work once more. Eliot expresses that people put on false foreparts so that people do non experience the ill will or disaffection that is present. They have a demand to conform, ? With the other masquerades/That clip resumes. ? The people live seamy lives, filled with corruptness, and deformed ethical motives. The reference of the cocotte in stanza three, shows that deficiency of love in the metropolis. In add-on, it illustrates the crud and corruptness of the metropolis. There is no deepness of passion in anything. The metropolis inhabitants are treated as one in this verse form. This shows that there is a deficiency of originality. This is emphasized by Eliot? s usage of synecdoche, such as: ? With all its boggy pess that press/To early coffee-stands? and? One thinks of all the hands/That are raising begrimed shades. ? Everyone is the same ; they are all ringers of each other. There is no deepness or feeling in this society. Everything is mechanical or physical, there are no connexions established between the people. Merely as Ezra Pound claims that? Introspection ( ? the vague reveries/of the inward regard? ) in this age is unthinkable, ? there is a loss of individuality and the depletion of moral values in the metropolis. As a consequence of the universe? s abrasiveness, guiltless kids are forced to endure as Eliot expresses, ? The impression of some boundlessly gentle/Infinitely enduring thing. ? The humdrum tone contributes to the dreary, motionlessness of Eliot? s metropolis. The metropolis inhabitants are perpetually empty. They are genuinely the life dead because their life consists of the same day-to-day mechanical actions.

In? The Hollow Men, ? Eliot expresses that? We are the hollow men. ? He conveys the emptiness of people due to their deficiency of psyche in today? s universe. The hollow work forces are superficial and have no deepness. When the hollow work forces say, ? We whisper together/Are quiet and meaningless, ? it shows how they are afraid to demo how they feel. Like the metropolis inhabitants of? Preludes, ? the hollow work forces do non do connexions with other people because they fear people will be troubled at what they truly are. Th

e hollow work forces are afraid to uncover their true being ; this is parallel to? Preludes. ? Eliot states that,

? Let me besides wear

Such deliberate camouflages

Rat? s coat, crowskin, crossed staffs

In a field

Acting as the air current behaves

No nearer & # 8211 ; . ?

This means that the hollow work forces wear camouflages and seek to act as everyone else behaves to hide themselves. They have the desire to be originative, knowing, to be loved, to love, and to pass on. However, Eliot states that there is a barrier that stops them, ? Falls the Shadow. ? This barrier is their deficiency of psyche, their fright of rejection, and their deficiency of will power.

Eliot perverts a church rime into

? Here we go round the prickly pear

Prickly pear bristly pear

Here we go round the prickly pear

At five Os? clock in the forenoon. ?

He besides separates the Lord? s supplication into assorted parts, such as, ? For Thine is the Kingdom. ? This shows that although the hollow work forces ( or people in general ) look to religion for comfort, faith will non salvage or assist them. The atmosphere that Eliot creates gives accent to the motionlessness of the hollow work forces. Ezra Pound states that modern age wants a literature that is? prose instead than a poetic picture. ? This shows that there is a deficiency of creativeness and individualism. Eliot states that there is a deficiency of substance in the hollow work forces by stating, ? Shape without signifier, shadiness without coloring material, /Paralysed force, gesture without gesture. ?

There are strong utilizations of synecdoche nowadays in? The Hollow Men. ? The most apparent and graphic usage of synecdoche is in his description of the eyes, ? Those who have crossed/with direct eyes, to deaths other Kingdom, ? and? Eyess I dare non run into in dreams/In decease? s dream Kingdom. ? The usage of oculus synecdoche represents the fright in the hollow work forces in uncovering themselves. They hollow work forces have no eyes because of their deficiency of psyche. There is no love in the metropolis, ? lips that would snog? shows the emptiness of the hollow work forces and their deficiency of emotions and feelings. This substantiates Pound? s statement because it shows modern age? s shallowness in the hollow work forces.

Prufrock in? The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? by T.S. Eliot expresses his demand to conform at a societal event. He is afraid to demo his true ego, ? To fix a face to run into the faces that you run into, ? and wants to intermix in at the societal assemblage. He shows that the people at this assemblage are superficial because they judge him by his visual aspect. In the 7th stanza, Prufrock expresses his uneasiness, ? With a bald topographic point in the center of my hair? / [ They will state: ? How his hair is turning thin? ] ? , and? [ They will state: ? But how his weaponries and legs are thin! ] ? ? And clip for all the woks and yearss of custodies / That lift and drop a inquiry on your home base ; ? shows that the conversations that are present have no deepness or significance. Harmonizing to Pound, modern age wants literature that is superficial like the people at this event are superficial. The conversations nowadays are similar to? better prevarications than Cliffs? Notes, ? they are undistinguished and Prufrock is unable to do connexions with anyone. Prufrock says, ? I have measured out my life in java spoons, ? demoing that his life is nonmeaningful, little, and insignificant. This substantiates what Pound stated that? the modern age wants literature that reflects an image of itself: ? accelerated? and mass produced ( ? a mold in plaster / Made with no loss of clip? ) . It shows that modern age wants literature that is undistinguished merely as modern age is undistinguished.

Ezra Pound expressed that alternatively of believing for themselves, people of the modern age would prefer literature that is in field, and regular address that is obscure and without intending. Today? s society does non believe for itself. The beauty, emotions, and feelings are taken off from the humanistic disciplines by the shallowness of modern age. With T.S. Eliot? s works confirming Pound? s statement accent is put on our society being filled with hollow, soulless people.

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