Facebook: mananing your privacy for their profit

7 July 2016

1. What concepts in the chapter are illustrated in this case? Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world so it is moving commerce to the internet and Web. In this e-commerce case, the basic construct of ecommerce are illustrated, use of the internet and Web to transact business; digitally enabled transactions. Moreover, this case includes unique features of ecommerce: richness, interactivity, information density, and personalization/customization. Richness is possible to deliver rich messages with text, audio and video simultaneously to large numbers of people.

Interactivity is the technology works through interaction with the user. Information density is the total amount and quality of information available to all market participants. Personalization/customization is technology permits modification of messages, goods. 2. Describe the weaknesses of Facebook’s privacy policies and features. What management, organization, and technology factors have contributed to those weaknesses? The weaknesses of Facebook’s privacy policies are the launch of Facebook’s Beacon advertising service.

Beacon was shared automatically users’ information of purchase with their friends. Users were angry that even user opted out of the service Beacon continued to communicate private information. Moreover it was almost impossible to delete an account even a user does not wanted to use. Under significant public backlash and the threat of a class-action lawsuit, Facebook shut down Beacon in September 2009. Facebook has also drawn criticism for preserving the personal information of people who attempted to remove their profiles from the site.

It adjusted its terms of service to assign it ownership rights over the information contained in deleted profiles. Facebook’s privacy policy took the form of an open collaboration with some of the most vocal critics of the old policies. In February, the site now allows users either to deactivate or to delete their account entirely, and only saves information after deactivation. Finally it was their faulty decision making that was the weakness in privacy policies of Facebook. 3. List and describe some of the options that Facebook managers have in balancing privacy and profitability.

How can Facebook better safeguard user privacy? What would be the impact on its profitability and business model? Facebook through advertising to make money likes other business. Facebook’s goal is to persuade its users to be comfortable sharing information willingly by providing an environment that becomes richer and more entertaining as the amount of information shared increases. All these privacy flaps have not diminished advertiser interest. Facebook serves ads on each user’s home page and on the sidebars of user profiles.

In addition to an image and headline from the advertiser, Facebook ads include the names of any user’s friends who have clicked on a button indicating they like the brand or ad. Facebook for better safeguard user privacy, tensions between Facebook and its users came to a head when the site rolled out new privacy controls for users, but had adjusted those settings to be public by default. Even users that had previously set their privacy to be “friends-only” for photos and profile information had their content exposed, including the profile of Zuckerberg himself.

Zuckerberg explained the privacy that the moves were in response to a shift in social norms towards openness and away from privacy. October 2010, Facebook unveiled new features giving users more control over how they share personal information on the site with other users and third-party applications. It is necessary that Facebook need to drive innovative application creation, and vigilantly protect the privacies of their users. 4. Do you anticipate that Facebook will be successful in developing a business model that monetizes their site traffic?

Why or why not? In my anticipation, Facebook will be successful in developing a business model that monetizes their site traffic because Facebook is the leader in social networking, a popular trend that encourages people and advertisers to spend more money to invest. Moreover Facebook use innovate technology balance privacy and profitability and enhance customer satisfaction. Facebook adopt timely adjustments, when made missteps, and develop new software. Those are strong evidences to prove my point.

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