Introduction Facllltatlon of learning Is a process of helping learners to achieve self-growth through self-evaluation and cooperation with others. It Is a learner-centred approach, where learners direct and control their own learning. This will only occur when learners are encouraged and eager to take part on the learning process. I commenced in my career as a staff nurse ten years ago, and now I am attached to Haemodialysis unit in one of the District Hospital in Sabah.

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My workplace consists of six Haemodialysis machine, where we have eighteen patients who came for dialysis three times per eek As one of the senior renal trained staff nurse in our unit, one of my responsibilities is to orientate and guide all new health care who are posted to our unit. This task was given by my ward in charge. I agree to be the mentor ofa new staff member name Alice (this is pseudonym). She is a newly qualified staff nurse posted in our unit and it is my responsibilities to educate her In the learning process and until she develop to be mature and confident enough to adapt and practice her knowledge in our clinical area.

After one week of observation on my mentee, I found ut that she look worry, stress and not confident in doing her Job. She opts to remain silent, unwilling to share her problems and worries with me. It is apparent that if this situation continues, facilitation of learning could be impossible. Within this study I Intend to explore and describe the organisation of teaching and assessing toa new staff member In my workplace.

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