Faculty research Day

1 January 2018

To start off, the past setting that was the Borough of Brooklyn was a fairly diverse melting pot with al types Of races and ethnics that some say made the transition Of a black male to enter an all-white league less difficult. The cross Robinson did not only affected the team and more importantly Brooklyn, but also provided a gateway for other African-Americans to seek out greater opportunities in bigger leagues. Dry. Pearson describe Robinson as having characteristics that resembled Ghanaian, Dry.

Martin Luther King, and even President Barack Obama, easily seen by his peaceful and non-conflictive behavior while being a nontraditional leader challenging the status quo offbeat era. A few of the areas that Robinson was influenced in or helped provide way for were, Executive Order 9981 which was a presidential order by late President Truman that banned segregation in the Military, Brown vs., Board of education which stated that separate but equal school are not actually equal.

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The Civil Rights Movement and Bus Boycotts led by such other great men as Dry. MILK, the Red Scare, McCarthy and MI-Bi’s expansion to the great west.The Impact of Knowledge of an Athlete’s Physical Disability on Spectators’ Impressions of Performance & Interest in Consumption Faculty speaker Michael Hernandez opened his presentation with a mediocre DO school basketball video. Shockingly enough, after the couple minutes of watching basketball far from its finest, he tells the crowd that the team in the dark uniforms were deaf.

Obviously, perception changed from mediocre to very good in regard to the fact that they were deaf which is what laid the groundwork for the research study along with the rest of the reservation.He began to tell us that peoples perceptions are at lower standards when a disable athlete is performing, unless that individual is particularly great, we then feel as if he is now this amazing athlete that broke boundaries in whichever sport they play We become inspired. This image that is portrayed mostly in media when regarding disabled individuals is called the Superscript image. In the study performed to see if this Image was actually true, 77 students were told to watch the same video and evaluate the situation.Half of the students were told that the students in dark uniforms were disables and the other half were not. The hypothesis was that knowing that the team was disabled would bring a sense of inspiration to go see more from that team, feel bad for them, and put there efforts in higher regard. The results, as predicted were that the most positive evaluations were found among persons who were informed about the player’s impairment.

In conclusion, the Superscript image isn’t only emphasized by the media, but is ingrained in our minds and perceptions.

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