Fahrenheit 451

12 December 2016

It was almost unbelievable, and Montag realized how uncanny this silence actually was. This silence wasn’t peaceful at all. It was as if something harsh was about to occur, like in the horror movies. It was the silence of death. Despite hearing the others get up from their spot and leave, Montag continued to lay there. Reminded of a part of a novel he read not too long ago, Montag suddenly felt immense sorrow as he thought of Mildred. Why now, must he feel this sorrow, when Mildred apparently felt no sorrow for what happened to Montag?

Mildred didn’t even remember the place and time of where they both first met, suggesting that she wasn’t committed to their love and marriage. Montag continued to ponder about this, even though it would be the common nature of everyone else to not care at all. As Montag continued to feel melancholy because of Mildred, he became distracted from the real world. Suddenly, Montag sat up, struggling to keep up with the events that were occurring, immediately feeling the presence of somebody there. He turned abruptly towards the area the others would have been, but there was no one there.

Fahrenheit 451 Essay Example

Then, Montag stood up and looked around him. Montag dropped all of his thoughts on Mildred and was hypnotized by what appeared in front of him. As hundreds of military personnel were focused on him with nuclear rocket launchers, Montag thought of the other people who fled before him as he was resting. He wondered if the thoughts he had about Mildred caused him to appear in a form worthy of not being alerted by this misfortune: death. His worry for what he was feeling caused Montag to become distracted from what was happening, thus causing him to become trapped by these people. Montag’s heart rate increased s he stared at the officers and firemen that blocked his way, realizing this might be the end of himself. He instinctively attempted to find an opening between the people, but layers upon layers of humans provided none. He cursed upon his foolish pointless thoughts regarding his wife and stood there, in the center of danger, like a mouse waiting to become eaten by a starved snake. Closer and closer the predator came, and hopeless Montag became. Montag whispered something. “Faber… help me…” Little did he remember that his helper, his only hope of escaping such danger, was long gone, like a fugitive Montag was.

Montag winced as he saw that there was no one to help him. No more aid. No more coaching. No more hope. “Attention. Turn yourself in. ” One of the military people spoke on the loudspeaker. Montag sighed. There was nothing he could do anyway. Then he thought. ‘Turn myself in.. and allow my knowledge about the rebellion to be dumped from my brain into a computer through a radioactive wire, and die anyways, considering the fact that I killed the head of firemen? No thanks. ’ “No. I’d rather not,” Montag confidently replied to the police in a firm manner.

Montag had nothing to lose; only a lot to give – knowledge. With that, he thought for a bit and decided to spend his final seconds on earth to go against the ones that were against him in the first place. He slowly walked towards one of the military officers. Montag  stared at his visor-covered eyes until he was ready. Montag tensed his body, and dragged his exhausted right leg back, and, with all his remaining might, threw it forward into the officer’s crotch, feeling a very strong thud. Montag winced for what was about to happen, as he just commited a very illegal act.

Everyone was speechless, except for the military officer Montag kicked, who was now kneeling on the grass while making a very high pitched squeal. The military never received such humiliation from one of the least important people – a fugitive. Montag smiled in satisfaction, as his goal to ridicule the military to great extremes was accomplished. Now that the possibility of being turned in was now completely gone, Montag sighed as he waited for his death. The assaulted military officer slowly rose and reached for his weapon as everyone else watched, angered, all having a great urge to kill Montag.

The officer signaled to his team to not shoot, and to allow him to shoot Montag in the exact spot he was kicked. Montag heard the trigger click, and a massive explosion shook the grasslands. What used to be his groin now was an empty gruesome hole 6 inches in diameter that was oozing out large amounts of dark, warm blood. Montag looked down, and vomited – or at least he tried. His stomach was completely obliterated. “Goodbye, evil, sick world… ” he said. Montag knew that wherever he was going, it would be a lot better than where he was now. dying seconds later from blood loss.

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