Fahrenheit 451 Lit Notes

9 September 2016

He kicks Mildred’s friends out of the house * Mon tag takes the ear chip out of his ear to avoid getting a lecture from Faber * He suddenly feels guilty for causing Mildred’s friends pain an starts to doubt his cause * Montag goes outside to hide his books in the bushes so, Mildred can’t get rid of them anymore * Mildred finally goes back to work where he has to return a book back to Beatty because his 24 hours are up * He notices that The Mechanical Hound isn’t there * When Montag gets to Beatty he hands him a book and Beatty throws it in the bin disinterestedly * Beatty already knew that Montag was having doubts but Montag assured him that he was all better * During their game of cards, Montag feels very scared, guilty and fidgety * He gets up to wash his hands often to rid himself of the guilt he’s feeling “In Beatty’s sight Montag felt the guilt of his hands.

His fingers were like ferrets that had done some evil and now never rested always stirred…” (page 105) * Beatty still knows that there’s something wrong with Montag so he tries to confuse him and trap him into revealing himself * Faber continues to tell Montag to ignore Beatty and follow his own heart * Beatty describes a dream to Faber in which they were both arguing with each other about books and society using quotes from literature * Beatty is trying to instill fear into Montag * The alarm went off, signaling that there was a house that had illegal books that needed to be burned * They hop into the truck and drive to the destination When they get there Montag notices that it’s his house Foreshadowing: Montag house is the one being burned and Beatty already knew about it because he told the fireman that this burning was a “special call, before they got there. This hints that Beatty always suspected Montag and he was probably the one that programmed The Mechanical Hound to keep an eye on him. “You’ll be fine. This is a special case. Come on, jump for it! ” (pg. 109)“Beatty’s pink, phosphorescent cheeks glimmered in the high darkness and he was smiling furiously. ‘ Here we are! ”(pg. 110)Significance: The quote suggests that Beatty is getting a sickening thrill from seeing Montag in his confused and guilty state and its shows that he knows what is to come. Pathos is created for Montag because he is so confused and unsure of what he wants.

Fahrenheit 451 Lit Notes Essay Example

He is struggling as he is deciding what to do with his plan to benefit society. Suspense: Montag gets called to another house at night to burn. But, when the firemen arrive at the house he realizes that it’s his house they’re burning. “ ‘ What,’ said Montag slowly, ‘we’ve stopped in front of my house’” (pg. 110) | Character Montag: Montag is realizing how truly disconnected his society is. He is getting very frustrated and his patience is thinning. We are now being introduced to an impulsive, daring, reckless Montag that we haven’t seen before. First he was confused, then he was curious now he’s daring but, careless. He is become extremely hasty and thoughtless which is putting him in risky and dangerous positions.

Faber: Faber is playing the part as Montag’s level-headed conscious and guide. He is showing him the right path and helps him make decisions like how to handle Beatty. Faber is Beatty foil character. Mildred: Mildred is representing the whole society disconnected, uncondemning and oblivious. She’s already showed her obliviousness by overdosing on over 30 pills and her disconnection by referring to her real family as the people on her parlor walls. She is starting to get annoyed of Montag and is trying to get rid of the books out of fear of being caught and taken away from her “family” Beatty: Beatty is showing his true character in this section, a cruel, contradictory and manipulative man.

In the beginning he was shown as a very understanding man who was trying to help Montag through his rough patch but now we have been introduced to his true colors. He is torturing Montag by trying to confuse him with literature quotes. He is beginning to pollute Montag’s easily swayed mind with garbage. Also, he leads Montag into being forced to burn down his own home. The relationship between Montag and Faber grows as Montag begins to trust him a lot. He leans on him for advice and how to act towards Beatty. Conflicts: Montag vs. Faber Montag has a hard time listening to Faber tell him about his mistake. He takes out his ear piece to avoid hearing Faber speaking to him. Montag is trying to learn to accept his mistake.

Faber is finding it hard to assist Montag because Montag continues to question himself multiple times. Montag vs. Montag Montag is in a phase of confusion and recklessness. He doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Although, books bring knowledge, love and answers to the world they also bring pain, grief and controversy. Montag doesn’t understand how something so good could also be so catastrophic. Sometimes Montag is very bold and does careless things out of frustration but, sometimes he is very confused and lost. Montag vs. Mildred Mildred was supposed to be helping Montag but, instead she is going behind his back and burning his books. She is scared. Montag doesn’t feel a connection with Mildred anymore and neither does she with him. Some were missing and he knew that she had started her own process of dispersing the dynamite in her house, stick by stick. ” (pg. 102)Montag vs. Beatty Beatty knows that Montag is hiding something and he’s no longer suspicious. He has already sent The Mechanical Hound to confirm his suspicions. Now, Beatty is confusing Montag in his most desperate time and Montag begins to doubt himself. | Theme Importance of intellectual freedom: Since Montag had never had a proper education, he can be persuaded and confused easily. If Montag had been taught better in education Beatty wouldn’t be able to confuse his mind so easily. Faber wouldn’t have to help Montag so frequently. “Beatty snorted. ‘Oh, no!

You weren’t fooled by that little idiots routine, were you? Flowers, butterflies, leaves, sunsets, oh, hell! Its all in her file. I’ll be damned. I’ve hit the bull’s-eye. ’” Ignorance/Knowledge: Beatty is very knowledgeable while, Montag is extremely ignorant when it comes to literature. Beatty uses this to his advantage by tricking Montag with quotes from literature to make Montag believe it’s an evil thing. “’Who are little wise, the best fools be. ’ Welcome back, Montag” (pg. 105) | Literary Devices Metaphor: “’But remember that the captain belongs to the most dangerous enemy to the truth and freedom, the solid unmoving cattle of the majority.

We all have our harps to play and it’s up to you now to know with which ear you’ll listen. ’” Personification: “The books leapt and danced like roasted birds, their wings ablaze with red and yellow feathers. ” This personification is to describe books when in fire and how the movements of the pages in the books resembled dance. Personification: “What traitors books can be! You think they’re backing you up, and then they turn on you. ” This personification is placed to show that books are bad. Although, books are not humans they do cause much controversy and pain much like a traitor. Metaphor: “If there was no solution, well then now there was no problem, either. Visual Imagery: “Beatty’s pink, phosphorescent cheeks glimmered in the high darkness, and he was smiling furiously…The salamander boomed to a halt, throwing men off in slips and clumsy hops. Montag stood fixing his raw eyes to the cold bright rail under his clenched fingers… At last Montag raised his eyes and turned. Beatty was watching his face… ‘Why, we’ve stopped in front of my house. ’” This imagery is used to describe how Beatty looked like in his moment of glee in seeing Montag plummet. Metaphor: “’Now you did it. Old Montag wanted to fly near the sun and now that he’s burnt his damn wings,” This metaphor is used to show that Montag’s whole plan was once high and mighty but is now crashing down as fast as it came up. Simile: “ The men ran like cripples in their clumsy boots, as quietly as spiders. ” (pg. 110)|

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