Failing grades

7 July 2016

Failing a course in collegen is a situation of many students in college have experienced. As a student, receiving a “D” in a class is left me feeling like a failure, and for the lack of a better word, stupid. A failing grade is not randomly dealt, however, as there are several factors that lead to a student receiving an “F”. Most of the time these factors can be pointed out and cause and effect relationship can be established. The first, and most obvious, thing must do to pass a coursen is to show up for class.

Many students rely on a friend or ohter classmates to give them important information on a course that they do not like to attend . However,people make mistakes so misininformation on test dates and homework/assignments can lead to work handed in late,doing the wrong assignment, and perhaps most detrimental, not showing up for a test. How to avoid failing in school You know you have a problems when you report card shows failing grades in one more classes. Fortunately, you are usually given a fair warning and an oppurtunity to rectify the situation.

Failing grades Essay Example

You need to wake up and look at teh reasons you may be failing, realize gthat it is now a good sitation, and then take some steps to get to get your grade up to where they shold be. Questions you may have include: What are the reasxons that a student may get failing grade? What are the consequences of failing? What can be done to avoid failing? Reasons of students fail There are a number of possible reasons a student may get failing grades in school. I’ve combines them into classifications, for better analisys: Subject matter Subject material was too dificult

Did not learn required material in previous classes Pace was too fast Teacher Couldn’t understand the teacher’s explanations Teacher had a heavy foreign accent Didn’t like the teacher Teacher didn’t like the student School skills Froze up in test Have a trouble doing Homework Personal Wanted to punish parents Fear of success Don’t like the subject Don’t like the school Don’t pay attention Problem with Failing One problem with failing is the word itself. It says that you are failure(at least in this Subject). That is quite a stigma, even if you say you don’t care or you blame the teacher or your parents.

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