Fairy Tales Abound

4 April 2015
A comparison between the fairy tale element in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and in The Secret Garden.

This paper compares and contrasts two classic stories. The writer of this paper looks at Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland and The Secret Garden to compare and contrast fairy tale elements. The author provides the reader with an overview of what a fairy tale element is and then examines how these elements are used in the two named stories.
Fairy tales have been written for many years. Often times the writing of them coincides with the societal strengths and weaknesses of the time. The complete and surreal fantasy in Alice and Wonderland was something that was popular in the 1800’s while the Secret Garden was more common its time. Fairy tale elements in each book give it the classic happy ending but the approaches are entirely different. In The Secret Garden there is much tragedy before the happiness can begin. This is not uncommon and is a style that we have grown accustomed to in other fairy tales. Alice in Wonderland makes up for the lack of tragedy by emphasizing the bizarre and the unbelievable elements such as animals with marked intelligence.”

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