Faith Community Hospital

4 April 2015
This paper is based on a case study of the “Faith Community Hospital” , where several problems are identified.

The following paper examines the current problematic situation in Faith Community Hospital, where the overall problem is that the level of patient care is at risk, however the symptom lies deeper. Firstly, the writer introduces the variety of problems that have been recognized. The paper then provides several solutions, explaining their reasoning and how they will solve the problem. Finally it concludes by showing how solving these base problems ultimately leads to better patient care.
As the CEO tells Chris, ;we;ve got some interesting interpretations of the mission statement being made, in all of our stakeholder groups.The main problem is that the mission statement is not clear enough, it can be interpreted in various ways. It is also relevant that the mission statement goes out to all types of stakeholders, who each have different needs. Interpretation from these different groups means that the hospital is viewed in many different ways, with the hospital itself having no clear mission and certainly all the parties involved with the hospital not having the same expectations.The values of the hospital are also open to interpretation. The faith of the hospital attracts those that support the faith.
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