Faith Integration Paper

8 August 2016

My father and uncles’ instilled a statement in my head from a young age that I will never forget. This statement is closely related to the Law of Legacy and very relevant to being a leader in the modern business world. The statement only consists of a few words, but these words are very powerful and if this statement is followed, your reputation as a leader will be respected and hopefully emulated. The statement is, “Lead by example, do what is right, be the best you can be, and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

I believe this statement is related to the law of legacy because it is action oriented. John Maxwell states in his description of the law of legacy that leaders who leave a legacy take a different approach than leaders who just aim to please themselves. Leaders who leave a legacy lead with tomorrow in mind as well as today.

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He also states, “When all is said and done, your ability as a leader will be judged by how well your people and your organization do after you are gone. Your ultimate value will be measured by succession.

The main reason why I believe this statement is so closely related is because if you follow the steps of the statement, your legacy should be one that is honored. If you successfully lead by example, you will have paved a way for your successors. Like the fourth step of the law of legacy guidelines, “Prepare to pass the baton well,” leading by example prepares your followers to remain in line with your goals. Maxwell also provides an acronym for a leader leaving a legacy. It is based on Jesus’ idea for leaving a legacy.

The acronym is IDEA and it consists of instruction, demonstration, experience, and assessment. All of these “ideas” are consistent with the leading by example approach to being a successful leader in the modern business world. I believe the most pertinent letter of the acronym would have to be the d, demonstration. In his description of demonstration, he gave three phases that the disciples practiced in their training by Jesus. Come and see, come and follow me, and come and be with me.

Each of these phases incorporated Jesus as leading by example and with each new phase, a higher level of commitment is necessary. The goal of this demonstration is that through your example, they will learn and use your tools to translate into being successful leaders themselves. A biblical example of the law of legacy comes from Moses in the book of Numbers. The scripture comes from Numbers 27:18-23. In this scripture, Moses strategically taught Joshua through apprenticeship training and passed along his legacy, which no one questioned upon the passing of the torch.

Joshua eventually became known as a leader who would complete the task of leading the people into the Promised Land. This, according to Maxwell’s description of the Law of Legacy is the ultimate goal, and exactly what Moses achieved. The subsequent examples are not only relevant to Moses teaching Joshua in the biblical times, but also for a modern leader preparing his “sheep” for taking over the business. Moses empowered Joshua and gave him authority. To be a successful leader in the modern business world, you have to decide when it is the appropriate time for your successor to receive a bite of the pie.

If you wait to long and they are thrown straight into the fire, success may not be achieved and your legacy and or reputation may be damaged. If you share the load with your successor, they can better understand the qualities and actions needed to be successful. Moses gave Joshua experience and opportunities for application. This goes back to demonstration and leading by example. Moses and Joshua did more than just talk about what needed to be done over coffee; the apprenticeship involved hands-on experience.

Through this hands-on experience, Moses taught Joshua everything he needed to know to be a great leader. This refers to Moses seeing Joshua in action; proving his leadership as a spy, military commander, and being a personal assistant. Now in the modern business world, no wartime decisions and legal espionage will occur, but in order for a leader to know the appropriate successor will be chosen, he needs to see him in action and know he will be able to perform. Moses gave Joshua encouragement and affirmation.

I think this is directly connected to the final part of the statement I referred to in the beginning of the essay. “…Do what is right, be the best you can be, and treat others the way you would like to be treated. ” This part of the statement directly reflects encouragement and affirmation. If you do what is right to your employees, be the best leader you can possibly be, and treat your successors the way you would want them to treat you, you can have full faith that your legacy will be established and honored.

The main reason I chose the statement that my father and uncles’ taught me is because I feel like they are the most significant leaders in my life and have paved the way for my success and transition into a leadership position as a student, athlete, and friend in the current time and hopefully as a father, uncle, and business leader in the future. Through their examples as leaders, and the legacy they have left, I feel prepared to be a leader in the modern business world and eventually leave a positive legacy of my own.

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