Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

6 June 2019

“Can you believe that they are all out West this year? I wish that they’d come to Jersey because I am dying to see them live!” I said to my friend on the phone, referring to Fall Out Boy.

“I’ve never heard them. Are they any good?” she replied.

Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High Essay Example

“Yeah! I love them! But they don’t have any new CDs out so I’m still listening to Infinity on High,” I concluded.

Infinity on High is the latest release from the alternative rock band Fall Out Boy. It came out in February of 2007, produced by Island Records. The band is made up of Joe Trohman on guitar, Patrick Stump with vocals, Andy Hurley on drums, and Pete Wentz on bass.

This cd caught my attention simply because it was a new Fall Out Boy cd. Even though, by sampling some of the songs, I found that I would have bought it even if it wasn’t FOB. Catchy, fun, unique lyrics and constant, contagious beats get you into the cd. Songs such as “Hum Hallelujah” are rhythmic and uplifting in a way that they really don’t seem to be. Lyrics talk about life, love, and everything in between. Once again Patrick Stump’s voice proved to be captivatingly stunning.

Fall Out Boy was aiming to create yet another phenomenal cd. They were ultimately successful, only falling short on track 6, Golden. It sounded like there was no effort or passion put into the song; it was just a space filler on a cd of wonderfully composed music.

So if you are looking for another good cd or if you were thinking about getting into alternative music, look no further. Infinity on High is an enjoyably addictive composure of 14 songs that are, more than anything, amazing and unique.

Now back to that conversation:

“They do sound pretty cool. Maybe some time I’ll borrow your cd,” my friend told me.

“Cool! I think you’ll like them,” I replied as I hung up my phone.

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