Falling From Grace

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the book “Falling From Grace” by Katherine S. Newman.

This paper analyzes the book “Falling from Grace” by Katherine S. Newman in which she describes how different prototypical Americans have lost their footing on the upward climb of the American Dream. She puts blame on social and economic changes that have been occurred over the past decades and how this has managed to get people to rethink what “The American Dream” is all about.
From the paper:

“The great American Dream has changed from one generation to another in its particulars. For some it was home ownership, for others a chance to send their children to college, for others a chance to escape the city for the suburbs. But for each generation, regardless of these changing specifics of what it might mean to be a successful American, an essential part of the dreams of those Americans buying into the national dream was that each generation would be better off economically (and perhaps in other less tangible ways as well) from their parents.”

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