Falling in Love with Teaching

5 May 2019

Walking into the building I smelled cafeteria food and heard the sound of teachers setting out breakfast. I hate mornings enough as is ,but it being summer made it so much worse. I was nervous to be here, you see my mom helps teach three year olds with special needs(so it’s not the usual job). I was used to this by now ,but this time would be different. They had gotten a new little girl in their class that year her name is Cassie and she was born without eyes. Her eyes just never developed so she has prosthetic eyes. I had never dealt with anyone who has this kind of disability before let alone a sweet innocent little girl. At first even my mom and the other teachers in the classroom were nervous when they heard they were getting her in their class ,but now they have had her in their class for months so they know exactly how to work with her.

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Falling in Love with Teaching
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“Cassie, come on. Let’s go inside and have breakfast. Come on this way…”, I heard mom say as she walks into the building hand in hand with the cutest little girl. I watched as they walked in and realized that she’s the same as any other little girl. She felt her way around the table to her seat and when she found her spot she sat down in the tiny chair. She had a specific plate of her very own with four different sections in it. In each section we had put a different breakfast food.She felt the food, and then smelt the food before she even got it to her mouth. I sat at the other side of the table and watched in amazement as she did these things perfectly like there was no other way.

After everyone had finished their breakfast it was time to go outside and play. She got up automatically and grabbed for her looped ring rope so that she could get into line with all the other kids. Once we got out the doors to the playground all the kids ran loose except Cassie.

I watched as she slowly roamed around the playground area, then when we started talking to her and she walked toward us by the sound of our voices. “Cassie! Cassie! Come on! Come this way!”, we all shouted as she walked toward us. Through the rest of the day she just never ceased to leave me in astonishment with what she could do.

After seeing the difference my mom and the other teachers make ,for these kinds of children everyday, it inspired me to do the same thing when I graduate. I really want to help children with these disabilities who most people don’t know how to deal with or even just dont want to deal with. Since that very day I was sure that I am absolutely in love with teaching, so every summer since I have helped everyday they were there.

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