Fame Album by Chris Brown

11 November 2018

Chris Brown’s latest album Fame has a great overall tone and message. His music is in the category of Hip-Hop, R&B, and I little bit of Pop. His music appeals to me and people my age because of his tone of voice and the different beats and music he makes. His latest songs “Oh My Love” and “Beautiful People” has a pop feel and appeals to different crowds. His songs “Beg For It” And “Up To You” Has an R&B feel. Finally his Songs “Bomb” and “Look At Me Now” has a true Hip-Hop feel. This album Fame is way different from his past 3 albums. This album is him maturing, dealing with and letting go all of his feelings and problems. Compared to his past albums of him being a kid having, fun with a minimum and problems. Out of all of his albums I love Fame this most. You can say I am a true Chris Brown Fan.

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