Familiar Actions Breed More Business

4 April 2015
This paper presents an explanation as to why corporate-owned restaurants are more frequently visited and do better overall than individually owned restaurants.

The following paper discusses how the world prefers the comfort of familiarity when it comes to choosing a restaurant. The writer contends that it is the familiar decor, menu and food presentation that gives them a feeling of security that cannot be matched by the thrill of a newly discovered individually owned restaurant. This paper asserts that as long as the world thrives on familiar surroundings the chain restaurants will always do better and be more successful than privately owned shops.
“People often like to say they are adventure seekers. They claim that the same old same old drives them batty and they are always up for something new. This may be the case in many areas of life however in the area of eating in a restaurant people prove again and again that they prefer the tried and true to the unknown element of surprise. Restaurants that are corporate owned are more likely to be frequented than one that is individually owned and operated. Marketing executives have known this for a long time and often times target the advertisements to remind the viewer that the consistency of a corporate organization is preferable over the “mom and pop” shop of yesteryear.”
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