Family Business

3 March 2019

Seven a.m. Punched in. Just another day at the office. But it’s different for me. When I go to work, my history follows me. I’m not the first Bostrom to step through those doors, and I probably won’t be the last. I’m the fourth generation to work at H.O. Bostrom Company.

My great grandfather started this industrial seat manufacturing company from the home of his garage. Today that business still stands, and I help to keep it going. When I punch in, I bring along the legacy of my great grandfather, my grandfather, and my father. They believed that with hard work, comes rewards and I believe that too.

Family Business Essay Example

I do not think of my job as ordinary or just a job for a paycheck like most teenagers do. My classmates probably would not guess that I go to work with engineers at a manufacturing plant. I help design and build seats. I’m contributing to a company that means a lot to me and has had an enormous impact on my life. I have worked there since the summer after eighth grade doing tasks from scanning documents, filing, making samples, sweeping floors and assembling products in the factory. After several Project Lead the Way classes, I am now able to help out in the engineering department doing Solid Works drawings. This year, I am doing an after-school internship so I can continue to learn about engineering. As a family member, it is ­important for me to work hard to prove myself truly worthy of being part of the team.

Not only am I not an average worker there, but I have to answer to my dad. Some say they have trouble getting along with their co-workers when they have problems. Well when I have problems with my dad, they follow me home. It’s an entirely different situation having to work with family; it keeps you on edge, and always pushes you not to let them down.

I work for a business that has been manufacturing products and supporting its employees’ families for over 66 years, and I won’t be the one to break the chain. I will continue to work hard to preserve the legacy my great grandfather left me.

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