Family Has Most Important Influence on Young Adults

1 January 2017

Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position———————————I agree family do influence the life of young-adult. It is the environment thatgives shape to any personality. Hence every young adult has a great influence ofthe surrounding in which one lives. Quite obvious the builders of any suchenvironment are the parents.

If parents in a house are very loving, caring, softspoken, non smokers, and teetotaler and disciplined, youngsters learn good things. Conversely if parents are smokers, drinkers, quarrelsome, using offensive languageand undisciplined, youngsters would learn bad things and shall reproduce andrepeat those behaviors. Family is the one with whom youngsters spend majority oftime and hence a family is the real character builder of the young. However friends too can have greater positive influence over many areas of ateen’s emerging identity.Provided choice of friend is right and good. Theirchoice of music, movies, clothes, boyfriends or girlfriends, classes, jobs, and soon. In some teens, it doesn’t stop here; it also covers the personal standards ofbehavior, school performance, morals and values.

Conversely on choosing wrongfriends, sometimes teens become more susceptible to negative influences fromfriends, like getting addicted to smoking, drinking, drug-abuse and premature sexand many more.However the supportive and trusting relationships with parents,elderly relatives and teachers prove to be the powerful tools that enableyoungsters to overcome these problems and can enhance youngster’s sense ofresponsibility, belonging and academic achievement. In conclusion a family is the most important influence on young adults. After afundamentally sound education at home, the young-adult performs well andprogresses consistently. In the later years of a young-adult’s career parents mustdevote some more time and educate them. This shall have a very positive impact onthe minds of the young-adults and they will perform well.

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