Family Health Assessment Essay Sample

9 September 2017

When it comes to specifying household many people have many different ways to specify household because it means something different to everyone. Overtime the typically household has changed and is much more diverse when it comes to the persons that make up the household because of beliefs and values. The manner that it is defined presently is a household is a set of interacting single is related by blood. matrimony. cohabitation. or acceptance who interdependently perform relevant maps by carry throughing expected functions ( Edelman & A ; Mandel. 2012 ) . When it comes to wellness publicity and disease bar the household is the primary beginning in which persons learn how to cover with these issues and act upon the person. When it comes to household attention and back up the best attack is to do it as household centered as possible. Harmonizing to Gordon. functional wellness forms encompass human growing and development. represents bio psychosocial looks of the whole individual. and let for developmental appraisal of client-environment interaction ( Krozy & A ; McCarthy. 2002 ) .

This paper will concentrate on a household appraisal performed by utilizing a household centered approach known as Gordon’s 11 functional wellness forms. Gordon’s 11 functional wellness forms help form basic household appraisal information ( Edelman & A ; Mandel. 2012 ) . The functional forms help nurses to better measure a household and develop a proper nursing diagnosing for the household which consequences in better consequences for the household. The writer of this paper will be concentrating on a wellness appraisal of an African American household after a thorough interview. The household consists of two grownups Mr. & amp ; Mrs. Ransome and their two kids. Mr. Ransome is 52 year. old. Mrs. Ransome is 49 year. old. their girl is 10 year. old and their boy is 14 year. old. The interview conducted utilizations Gordon’s 11 map wellness forms to help with the appraisal and is followed by two wellness nursing diagnosings concluded based upon the household interview. At the decision of this paper the inquiries used in the interview can be found in the supplement. Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns

Health Perception/Health Management
Family history begins with the wellness perception-health direction form ( Paniagua. Reilly. Evans. & A ; Bond. 2011 ) . The appraisal of this household begins with their household values and wellness perceptual experience. At the beginning of the interview the household references that religion plays a large function in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. Each twenty-four hours begins with a minute of supplication. merely inquiring God’s protection and counsel throughout the twenty-four hours. The household attends church services during the hebdomad. When it comes to household repasts the household normally eats together as a household unless they have other activities happening that twenty-four hours or hebdomad. When the household is unable to eat together the kids normally eat together while the grownups will wait for one another to hold their repast together. In this household dinner clip is the clip set aside for each household member to discourse their twenty-four hours and any new events that have occurred during that twenty-four hours. Equally far as wellness publicity and disease bar the household uses multiple methods wellness patterns and forestalling unwellness. The manner that the household does this is by keeping a healthy life style. maintaining up on everyday medical medical examinations. and acquiring proper immunisations when needed ( A. Ransome. personal communicating. June 20. 2012 ) . Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition. Mrs. Ransome ensures that the household eats the regular agenda repasts throughout the twenty-four hours and makes certain that each repast is a well-balanced repast. The household normally consumes must repasts at place but when pressed for clip they normally grab a speedy repast outside of the place. Meals are described as a mixture of fried and adust nutrients and all nutrients are non ever the healthiest. In between repast bites for the kids are difficult to supervise but are suggested to be on the fitter side normally fruit. This household does hold a immense Sweet tooth when it comes to adust goods. Mrs. Ransome is a baker and normally makes 2-3 adust goods a hebdomad for the household to bask. Food is ne’er used as an award or penalty. merely seen as nutriment when the organic structure is in demand ( A. Ransome. June 20. 2012 ) . Sleep/Rest

Rest wonts characterize the sleep-rest form. Without the renewing map of slumber. individual’s exhibit reduced public presentation. bad pique. and decreased emphasis tolerance and may trust on substances such as intoxicant. or other chemicals to bring on slumber ( Edelman & A ; Mandel. 2012 ) . Sleep wonts is really different when it comes to this peculiar household. The kids normally get 7-8 hours of sleep each dark as they have an assigned bedtime which is 9:00pm and is enforced on a every night footing except weekends. The kids is allowed to remain up subsequently on weekends but are non acquiring up every bit early on those yearss unless there is an activity or event to go to. Equally far as Mr. Ransome he states that he gets about 6-7 hours of slumber after coming place from work and assisting with the kids and completing any work related undertakings. Mr. & amp ; Mrs. Ransome really seldom has the same bedtime. he normally is in bed before his married woman. Mrs. Ransome normally receives 4-5 hours of slumber at most during the hebdomad. The ground for this is Mrs. Ransome works from place and besides holds many places on multiple commissions and is frequently up late coating work for that and merely fixing for the old twenty-four hours. Although she gets small sum of slumber at dark Mrs. Ransome states that she is seldom tired as her organic structure is accustomed to her form of slumber ( A. & A ; E. Ransome. personal communicating. June 20. 2012 ) . Elimination

This is an unmarked issue normally in households because they do non truly analyse their normal riddance form on a day-to-day footing. No 1 has issues with riddance in this household but the kids are normally the 1s closely monitored by the parents. Mrs. Ransome ensures that there are plentifulness of fruits and veggies in the kids diets to guarantee a regular riddance form when it comes to bowel motions. The parents besides make certain that the kids are devouring adequate H2O and remain hydrated on a day-to-day footing to forestall irregularity. Often times Mrs. Ransome can state when her kids has non had a intestine motion in a few yearss as she states that they exhibits marks of nausea/vomiting and normally complains of concerns. The redress that is given to the kids if this occurs is kids castor oil or the child drinks tea or warm H2O ( A. Ransome. personal communicating. June 20. 2012 ) . Activity/Exercise

This subject is of import to this household but the household is non ever able to put aside clip for this. The household notes how exercising maintains good wellness and is a great beginning of energy. For children’s agendas when it comes to activities and athleticss they are involved in. They can non ever happen clip to exert on a regular footing but they know how indispensable it is to keep a healthy life style. However. their kids get exercise daily with the activities that they are involved in and they besides get exercising from the athleticss that they participate in. None of the grownups or kids is noted to be fleshy or enduring from fleshiness. Cognitive

Communication plays a large portion in how this household maps on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing and it helps the household run every bit swimmingly as it does. The household has such a busy agenda each twenty-four hours that without communicating the twenty-four hours would non run swimmingly and a batch of misconstruing would take topographic point. With communicating being such a large portion of this family’s modus operandi. no determination is of all time made without a household treatment or a treatment between the grownups. Mr. Ransome states that when there is a dissension between the two siblings they are to speak the issue out and come to an understanding among themselves because they want to transfuse in their kids to ne’er be upset over something that could hold been talked about. In this household there slogan is merely speak it out because it takes excessively much energy to be anger. Bing that they are a spiritual household speaking out jobs is even more of import than most households ( A. & A ; E. Ransome. personal communicating. June. 20. 2012 ) . Sensory-Perception

Love is really apparent in this household and in every member of this household. The household has a welcoming spirit and treats everyone like they are a portion of their household or as least that’s how the individual may experience. Emotions are frequently expressed and openly talked about because the household feels that it is of import to household growing. The most of import facet that is instilled in their kids and in their household life is love. Self-Perception

The household is really active in their community and in their church community. They are respected in the community and they value their repute that they hold in the community. They are a really household oriented household and they believe what sets them apart from other households in the twenty-first century. They still hold the position that household comes foremost no affair what may least one time a month with drawn-out household. Mrs. Ransome comes from a big household of 14 siblings so is used to a big household and big household assemblages. The household lives in a big 4 sleeping room place with plentifulness of room for entertaining and big household assemblages. The kids province that they have a really tight. close relationship with all of their cousins and love disbursement clip with them ( A. & A ; R. Ransome. personal communicating. June 20. 2012 ) . Role

In this household the male is seen as the caput of the household and of the house clasp. being that this household has strong spiritual beliefs as reference antecedently their faith belief is the adult male is the caput of the household. The married woman plays a function in the household every bit good but the hubby is the gum that holds the whole household together. Decisions are discussed among the household and the grownups but the hubby normally has the eventually say in the determination. All grownups are equal but each has their peculiar functions to play in the household and in the matrimony. Sex

As reference antecedently the twosomes has two kids together and hold no programs to widen their household at this clip. Mr. & amp ; Mrs. Ransome besides begin their household together subsequently in life so the hazard of holding more kids was considered when this determination was made to halt. The couple positions gender as a good thing when two people are married it is really encouraged as opposed to when one is unmarried. The couple positions this as private and sacred affair. Coping

This country of the family’s life is where their faith truly comes into drama and their religion is most exercised. When faced with issues that are really difficult to cover with the household non merely leans on the household for support but they lean on their religion besides for soothing. The household feels that without God to assist them through many of their tough life state of affairss they would hold non been able to cover with some of the issues the manner they did. Before flushing seeking to come to a decision or apprehension of a state of affairs it is first prayed upon so one can acquire lucidity. Wellness Nursing Diagnosiss

The two health nursing diagnoses that tantrum this household after executing the appraisal and interview procedure are preparedness for enhanced slumber and preparedness for enhanced activity-exercise form. The ground for these two picks is because these are the two countries that the household is in demand of a better routine/schedule and they are of import to a healthy balanced life. Mrs. Ransome seldom gets more than 5 hours of slumber a dark and that is non healthy for her to map on a day-to-day footing. This sleep form may non trouble oneself her now but it will look into up in the ulterior old ages to come. Besides. the two grownups do non truly hold clip to exert on a day-to-day footing. By seting their agendas a little excessively at least permit 20-30 proceedingss a twenty-four hours for exerting can make a healthier life style. It will do them experience better and give them energy needed to maintain up with their busy household agenda.

When executing an appraisal of a household as a whole one can larn a batch from the household and the persons of the households and how those persons make up a household. Once a household is looked at it helps one to acquire to cognize the household and the persons for what they are and how they contribute to the household. When it is said and done many households can see that they are so many similarities and some differences but it shows how diverse households are and how their beliefs and values are of import to that peculiar household merely like another households values and beliefs are of import to them.

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