Family Reunion

5 May 2017

Family History Societies work with Canadian born families. edit]lnternational Family Reunification Family reunification for third-country nationals remains a politically charged issue. The ICCPR (Art. 2. 4) states openly the right of each person to enter in the country of reunification has become a controversial humanitarian and human rights issue as well as a much debated immigration policy issue. [edit]Genealogy Societies The purpose of genealogical societies is to form a community of researchers and help its members create a library of families history resources.

F6S was founded in 1976 and represents the members of more than 600 genealogical societies. Organizations like the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California assist family embers connect the branches of the family tree using genealogy and Internet resources. [edit]Traditional Family Reunion Activities Traditional family reunion activities include an afternoon luncheon or early evening dinner and program featuring music, song, poetry reading, history recitals, honorary recognition of elders, community contributions and educational achievements.

Historic Skits Reenactments that highlight pivotal points in a familys history. Participants are introduced to the art of developing a timeline as well as period research with a focus on costume design, customs, dialogue and social, economic and echnological developments. Story Telling A fascinating art that brings to life tales of ancestors and their accomplishments. Along with stories of legends of the past, life lessons are taught. The meaning behind family traditions are shared while relaying important family history factoids and the ties that bind.

Genealogy Tours Takes the family on an exciting tour of important genealogical hot spots including the family homestead, the towns in which the family settled, the Jobs they held, machines they worked, markets they traded and streets they walked as well as social activities they mmersed themselves into. Genealogy Presentations A Presentation of historic documents and vintage artifacts that identify timelines, economic status, historic events and locations of ancestors. edit]Annual Proclamations and Observances Family Reunion Month A Proclamation in 1985 To raise awareness of a growing trend of runaway children and newly formed organizations to help reunite families of runaways the Congress, by House Joint Resolution 64, has designated the period between Mother’s Day, May 12, and Father’s Day, June 16, 1985, as “Family Reunion Month” and authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this period.

National Family Reunion Month While some commercial enterprises have dubbed August as National Family Reunion Month many social groups including churches observe National Family Reunion Month in the month of July. Annual Family Reunion Planning Month A family awareness group with a focus on genealogy and traditional family reunion planning established in 2005 named November as “Annual Family Reunion Planning Month”. Mark A. Askew, Founder, Legendary Heritage Heirlooms, “Family Reunion Planning

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