Family: The Root of a Being

2 February 2019

“Family isn’t an important thing, it’s everything.” Michael J. Fox, a well-known actor quotes. All children inherit some things from their parents, may it be shape of the nose or blue eyes; I inherited few more qualities than those. I learnt about culture, values and beliefs. I also found the real meaning of teamwork, capability and ability from them.

We often visit the kingdom of spirituality together. Every evening my family prays together for betterment of lives, not only of ours but of all those who are in need. We attend the temple regularly and are explained about the culture: what we believe in and importantly, why we believe in it. It has made me proud about my origins and has provided me to stand better in the country with multiple diversities. Teachings from my parents not only on religion but also about life has educated me enough.

Family: The Root of a Being Essay Example

My parents are very practical teachers on life, love, wisdom and much more. I believe that family always has an advantage over other groups of people, as it is a not an artificial manmade group. On the other hand, it is naturally organised group of people with the balance of good and bad traits who learn and benefit together; and that’s where I come from.

Every move we have made, may it be a decision or may it be moving countries, we have clutched together into a hurdle and protected and helped each other through those hardships. My parents assisted me to struggle out through the pressure of different cultures by sculpturing my basic inborn ethos; they aided me out through the phase of identity crisis, to the outgoing person who I am now and can communicate with people easily. They spotlighted my capability and ability by keeping faith in my determination during all those hard times of moving countries. They always told me to believe in my capability so I have the capacity to succeed.

Being able to care for others, understand problems, seek solutions, to be proud of my originality, being an equal part of the team, to be adaptive and responsible are some of the things from which I come from. Shaping my dreams and making my aspirations stronger by the sturdy values and upbringing which makes me dream bigger and dedicated to my goals; I am thankful to the family. If I were to define myself, it would have a major contribution of my family and our beliefs, because they are everything for me.

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