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Family System Theory is a theory that Dr.Murray Bowen, an American psychiatrist and a professor in psychiatry at the Georgetown University. Bowen was among the pioneers of family therapy and founders of systemic therapy.

It described that family system can be a set of interacting individuals who are related by blood, marriage, living together, or adoption and who interdependently perform relevant functions through roles. In system theory, the family member’s have great influence in creating a unique value, interpreting events, information’s and passing it to the next generations.

In assessing the family as a whole entity. I will use the family system theory, because of the uniqueness and how integrated the family system. Members are expected to respond to each other according to their role and relationship. For example, if the head of the family cannot fulfill the role, the other member can assume the responsibilities to maintain the balance of the family system. Another example, my father passed away when I was one year old, my grandfather, uncles and aunts become the sole support system for me and my siblings.

Although, depending on the family situation and health care issue. I will also consider using the developmental theory along with Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns. These theories will guide in formulating the nursing process to help the individual member of the family according to their individual needs.

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