Family Values Tour ’99

12 December 2019

A few months ago, a group of friendsand I attended the Family Values ’99 Tour at Worcester’sCentrum. It was a magnificent concert with some show-stoppingperformances. The show featured many bands, but the best byfar was the headliner, Limp Bizkit. I loved their mix of rapand rock and the great effects, including lasers, fires,smoke, strobe lights and confetti. The sound was great in thearena and every word could be understood. Each bandmember had his own style, which the audience loved; whe-therit was guitarist Wes Borland’s face-paint or lead singer FredDurst’s interaction with the crowd, the fans went crazy. Fromtheir first song to the last, they had the fans moving. Theycreated enormous mosh pits and wild crowd surfing for theaudience. Although I had enjoyed my night, when LimpBizkit came on stage it got ten times better. From the veryfirst shriek of the guitar, it was absolutely electrifying.When they opened with a riveting performance of the hard-corehit “Break Stuff,” I knew it was going to be anamazing show. I loved that they played songs from theirfirst and second albums, including “Counterfeit,””Faith” and “Stuck.” Every song off thenew album was tremendous and they closed with theirbreakthrough hit, “Nookie.” If I had tochoose my favorite songs of the night they would be;”Break Stuff,” “9 Teen 90 Nine,””Faith” and “Nookie.” It was a great nightand I loved seeing my favorite band put on such an amazingperformance.

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