famous verses normal

5 May 2019

Jail, drug abuse, and rehab, that’s what can happen to you when you become famous. Stars like Johnny Cash and Lindsay Lohan have gone through troubles like this and many more. Famous people will do dumb things with there paychecks like going and buying illegal drugs on the street, which might lead them to dangerous addictions. Being famous has many risks so I think being normal is better.

Drugs and alcohol are some of the worst risks stars have. Like Eddie Van Halen was addicted to cocaine. Johnny Depp over drank a lot during the nineties, and Johnny Cash was said to have tried every drug there was. Even the great Michael Jackson took a lot of pain killers and had to go into rehab. So being normal will probably have a lot less risks.

Another bad thing about being a star is, fake friends. Lots of stars have fake friends who pretend to be friends just for the fame and fortune.

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They just seem to be your friends until they befriend someone else.

One other bad thing about being famous is crazed fans and the paparazzi, which both will probably do anything to see a star. The stars also won’t get much sleep because of the phone ringing off the hook and the paparazzi always trying to get your picture. The fans may also attack you and follow you every where.

Being famous would be a stressful life with a lot of risks, so being yourself is good. You may have a drug risk; fake friends or even a crazed group of paparazzo’s or fans. Being a celebrity can be dangerous so just be you.

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