Fantastic Mr. Fox

5 May 2017

Fantastic Mr. Fox, a PG rated film, is designed for children. However, further review prompts more investigation into its suitability to children because of its adult-level violence and crafty banter. The number of parents who do not let their children watch this movie is substantial. The beginning of the movie is much like a love story, or so one would think. Mr. and Mrs. Fox prepare to steal chickens from a nearby farmer. To a parent, this scene would make it appear to a child that stealing is okay.

Whatever age the child is at, he or she is always learning. Using the simplest swear word, mistake or character flaw could potentially translate in that child’s behavior. In child psychology, children often repeat behaviors or word patterns that are most appealing to them. If this movie is appealing to a child, he or she uses the implications that are unsatisfactory to the parent.

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The movie focuses on an impoverished Mr. Fox, who visits a banker in order to afford buying a new tree. While the characters are arguing, they use the word “cuss “instead of swearing.

All movies are given a rating by the Motion Picture Association of America, however, the rating PG” means parental guidance. This means that children who watch this film need to have parental guidance to explain nuances that occur. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The fact that they use “cuss “words in Fantastic Mr. Fox to prove a point is inappropriate. The rating “PG” should be because of a bad scene or two, but definitely not cuss words, stealing and fighting. This is why Fantastic Mr.

Fox is not appropriate for children. A good wholesome children’s movie is one that nas a good meaning, an age appropriate story line and does not have the need to swear or “cuss”. Any child that watches this movie may tart saying “cuss” when they get angry, because they learned it from this movie when Fox was angry. If you are a parent and you are trying your hardest to teach your kid good morals, respect and manners, why would want them to watch a movie where it will be counterproductive to your parenting.

Further into the movie Mr. Fox has a mid- life crisis and starts stealing again without telling his wife. This movie is showing kids that stealing other people’s property is accepted, as well as lying to your loved ones. This, in fact, is wrong. You are saying that using someone else’s property that they have worked for, and in turn, sing it to benefit yourself is permitted. There is a reason why, as adults, we get Jobs and become responsible. We make money to buy our own provisions to provide for our families.

It is exactly what we should be teaching our kids, and not what this movie is teaching. If you were to make this movie your guidelines for your life, you would either end up in Jail, or a correctional facility. You could end up living a very lonely life. A lonely life is exactly what the character’s son has. Ash is very different from all the other characters, which allows him to be picked on easily. Even though Ash tries to fit in, he is excluded everywhere- even at home. He never gets the love and attention a son should get from his father.

Ash is rejected at home, school and with his friends. The entire movie, he tries to get his father to notice him, whether it’s good or bad attention. Additionally, Mr. “Fantastic” is rejecting his own son because he’s too different. If you are a parent you love your kids no matter how different they are, what they look like or even if they act a little immature. While this goes on, you also have the death of the rat. If you are going to have eaths censor them. There is no need to show this character getting electrocuted.

This could potentially traumatize your child or possibly affect how your child sleeps at night by giving them nightmares. For most children a gruesome death like this one could possibly alter how they grow up and look at life. As children grow up they should be exposed to age appropriate movies. Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is not a child friendly movie. Along with all of the vulgar humor, lying, stealing and neglect; what is wrong with todays society and believing that this is acceptable behavior to teach our children.

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