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10 October 2016

The companies were competing each other as a result to become a leader and be a majority in share capital market. All companies want show their great performance in all perspective such as operation, administration, marketing and the almost important thing in company is finance. Role of financial management are very important to make sure the effectiveness and successfully in organization of company were achieve.

As a financial manger, they must know the level or the measurement of Performance Company so that they can survive within ample capital. So, financial analysis or financial ratio were needed to calculate, measure and analysis all data of finance. This is important because of confidence of outside party such as investor to invest their money as capital into company. Other party like employee that they look the ability to pay their salary, supplier look the ability of company to pay the debt, and bank. The term of solvency, stock management, leverage, profitability play important role in financial analysis of company.

Farm Best Essay Example

In conclusion, financial ratio was important to measure to performance of company. Good condition performance of finance indicates the effectiveness of management in manage the financial in company. The investor maybe likes to contribute their company to run a business. 2. 0HISTORY AND INFORMATION BACKGROUND OF COMPANY 2. 1Farm’s Best Food Background Before Farm Best Food immortalize Farm’s Best Food Industries Sdn Bhd name, this company also known as Iklim Sinar Sdn Bhd at 1994 and converted to a public company on 21 Jun 1994.

Then, known as Sinmah Resources Bhd on December 1994 and one year later, it is subsequently was admitted to the official List of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd until 2005 of July and changed the company name to it is present name of Farm’s Best Berhad ( FBB ) with the trademark “Farm’s Best“. This company founded by Mr. Fong Chee Hong over thirty years ago. Since it grown into one of the largest integrated poultry producers in Malaysia, FBB currently helmed by among others the four sons. After listing on the Second Board of the BMSB at 1995, it is have expanded to the entire spectrum of the poultry industry and categorized into any manufacture, that was manufacture and wholesale of poultry and further processed poultry feeds, manufactured of processed poultry and further processed poultry, poultry breeding and hatchery operation and also in broiler contract farming. Besides that, FBB also an investment holding company and involved in many business. For example, manufacture and sale of compound poultry feeds, production and sale of broiler day old Chicks (“POC”) from its parent stock and hatchery operation, also in marketing of live and broilers and chicken product, both in the domestic and the Singapore market. . 2Kawan Food Background KAWAN is principally engaged in investment holding, whilst the principal activities of its subsidiaries are manufacturing, sale and distributing of frozen food products. Full name for kawan food is Kawan Food Berhad. The Headquarters for this company is at Lot 20 Jalan Pengapit 15/19; Shah Alam; Selangor Darul Ehsan; 40200. Legal Form for Kawan Food Berhad is Public Limited Company. Kawan Food Berhad has been open on January 21, 2004. There have 173 Total Employees at Kawan Food Berhad.

Kawan Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Company is working in Food retailers, Food products, manufacturing business activities The company’s origins date back to the 1970’s with supplying traditional and homemade pastry products to local groceries and supermarkets. kawan food begun to export their products in mid 1980’s, while gaining a steady lead in the local market. In 2000, their established a new manufacturing facility, and have continued to invest heavily in their employees and the latest technology.

They are proud to be the world’s first manufacturer of frozen roti parathas, which together with their other products, have paved the way for a completely new segment of consumer goods that are now enjoyed by consumers around the world. Since the 70’s, kawan food have been offering their customers the freshest food choices with their mind boggling array of favorite foods. Their wide range of food products meets the stringent quality requirements set by international food safety regulations & the food service industry.

From specialty foods to local and international favorites, their products have been designed for maximum freshness and efficiency with minimal preparation times and convenient storage methods. 3. 0CATEGORIES OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE RATIO Many types of financial performance ratio were listed in to calculate for each data of financial. This is including four categories means: 1) Short Term Solvency or Liquidity Ratio 2) Asset Management or Turnover 3) Profitability ratio 4) Market book value ratio 4. 0 INTRODUCTION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT BOTH OF COMPANY

In this assignment, we choose two listed company in same categories which is Farm Best Berhad and Kawan Food Berhad. Both companies were listed in Bursa Saham Malaysia. Calculating the financial performance base on statement ending the year 2010 (refer appendix). All calculating of ratio will explain detail in next sub chapter 4. 1Short Term Solvency or Liquidity Ratio Liquidity is a firm’s ability to pay its bills on time. Liquidity is related to the ease and quickness with which firm can convert its noncash assets into cash, as well as the size of the firm investment in noncash assets relative to its short term liabilities. . 1. 1Current ratio A firm’s current assets divided by its current liabilities Current ratio =| Current assets| | Current liabilities| Farm Best Berhad Current Ratio =| RM 241,932,000| | RM219,787,000| | = 0. 91| Kawan Food Berhad Current Ratio = | RM50,361,129| | RM17, 509,236| | = 2. 8| Explanation: This ratio indicates how much ringgit current assets of company has to pay one ringgit current liabilities. The data shown kawan food Berhad has RM2. 8 of assets for 1 ringgit liabilities while Farm Best Berhad has RM0. 91 of assets for 1 ringgit liabilities. 4. 1. 2Quick ratio (acid test ratio)

A firm’s cash and account receivable divided by its current liabilities Quick ratio =| Current assets – inventories| | Current liabilities| Farm Best Berhad Quick ratio =| RM219,787,000–RM15,790,000| | RM241, 932,000| =| 0. 84| Kawan Food Berhad Quick ratio = | RM50,361,129– RM5,530,480| | RM17, 509,236| =| 2. 5| Explanation: Quick ratio (acid test-ratio) indicates how much ringgit of current assets in company to pay one ringgit of current liabilities excludes inventories. Data shown Kawan Food Berhad has RM2. 50 current assets (exclude inventories) to pay one ringgit of current liabilities.

Farm Best Berhad only RM0. 84 current assets to pay one ringgit current liabilities. 4. 1. 3Cash ratio A firm’s cash divided by its current liabilities Cash ratio = | Cash| | Current liabilities| Farm Best Berhad Cash ratio =| RM15,827,000| | RM241, 932,000| | = 0. 06| Kawan Food Berhad Cash ratio =| RM23,034,299| | RM17, 509,236| | =1. 32| Explanation: cash ratio is measure the liquidity of company by calculate its cash only. Kawan food Berhad only RM1. 32 cash to pay one Ringgit of current liabilities while Farm Best Berhad only RM0. 06 of cash to pay one ringgit of current liabilities. 4. Asset Management or Turnover * As the second angle for measuring liquidity examines the quality of a firm’s accounts receivable and inventories in terms of the firm’s ability to convert these assets into cash on a timely basis. 4. 2. 1Inventory turnover * A firm’s cost good sold divided by its inventory Inventory turnover =| Cost of goods sold| | inventory| Farm Best Berhad Inventory turnover =| RM282,124,000| | RM15, 790,000| =| 17. 87 times| Kawan Food Berhad Inventory turnover=| RM51,742,253| | RM5, 530,480| =| 9. 36 times| Explanation: Inventory turnover is measure the ability of company to manage stock.

How much the stock will be turn over during a period? Kawan Food Berhad has 9. 36 times to turn over the stock/inventory in a year. Farm Best Berhad has 17. 87 times to turn over the stock/inventory during a year. 4. 2. 2Day’s sales in inventory * A firm’s cost good sold divided by its inventory per day day sales in inventory=| 365(one year)| | Inventory turnover| Farm Best Berhad day sales in inventory=| 365| | 17. 87| =| 20. 43 Days| Kawan Food Berhad day sales in inventory=| 365| | 9. 36| =| 39 Days| Explanation: Day’s sale inventory is Measure how long inventory/stock was finished out for each time in a year.

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